March 9

Living The Law Of Attraction: Cleaning Up My Act

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I’m starting the Master Cleanse diet today…

It’s not like the typical “I need to lose weight” diet… It’s mainly designed to cleanse your body of toxins, impurities, etc. People do end up losing weight as a result…but it’s a side benefit.

When you’re living the law of attraction, it’s easy to get caught up in the principles of what to do or not do as it relates to your thinking and being…but your body is a part of your manifestation as well.

It certainly can impact your vibrational level… when you’re in ‘bad health’, you’re typically vibrating at a lover level…which can attract dis-ease…with makes you feel worse…which attracts more dis-ease.

So, I’m taking charge and being proactive with my physical health as well as my mental health…


living the law of attraction

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  1. I agree with you Antonio..

    I do believe that your mind, soul, and inner being won’t function well if your body is not in a good mood. So, before you improve your inner being, improve first the health of your body. Good luck on your diet!

  2. Hey man,

    Love this post..
    Anything that is related to improving one’s health is cool wit me!

    Keep up the good work man!

  3. I am with you, Antonio. I am in the midst of a “raw and vegan diet” for the month of March. It is suppose to offer many of the same benefits. It takes some getting used to but everyone who successfully does it touts the long term benefits in terms of energy, health, vitality. I agree we need to attract abundance and prosperity in all areas of our lives, out bodies especially. Good luck.

  4. I have given 22 of the Secret books away..I have the video and my husband just purchased the daily book for desk and I read the message every day. Although we all know what you send out is often what you receive it’s very difficult to change the state of mind..
    Books like the Secret are immeasurable in assisting us towards making that change.


    and thanks for visiting our blog..

    Dorothy from grammology

  5. So true. The Law of Attraction is a holistic process, too. Everything should be working on the same ideal level to attain the goal.
    Good post!

  6. It’s like from one of your posts here that talks about how your closet reflects your kind of living. Similarly, a healthy body makes for better vibrational alignment with the things we manifest to the Universe. I just love your posts, I find them coherent.

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