June 21

Living the Law Of Attraction: Be Wealthy Now

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People say to me all the time “Antonio, I really want to have money – I think about it all the time! Why aren’t I getting any richer? Where is this power of Attraction?” Of course you want to be rich and you say you want to be rich, but are you living in a way that puts you in harmony with wealth?

What Are You Thinking?

When you ask or wish for more money, are you focusing on being wealthy now? Are you happy just imagining the wealth that is yours? Or, are you focusing on the gap between where you are and where you want to be? If you’re thinking about the latter, then you may be feeling sadness or frustration thinking about the wealth you don’t have. When you feel sad or frustrated it brings your vibration down and you are not going to get what you desire. The goal is to bring your vibration up with positive thinking.

So now you may be wondering, “How can I live and think as if I am rich, when I ‘m constantly reminded of the many things I can’t have?”

This is the beauty of using the Law of Attraction, all you need to do is make a small shift in your attitude about money. This will make a huge difference in your economic future. Many people live in a pattern that makes it impossible for them to acquire wealth – no matter how much they want it.

Always Be Aware of Your Thoughts

When you are at a store and you see something you want, is your first thought, “I wish I could afford that, but I can’t.”? If so, this is producing the feeling of lacking wealth, therefore creating that negative reality. I want you to replace that thought with, “I can’t wait to have that!” or “Won’t it be great when I have that!” This will create a positive, happy feeling and subsequently alter your reality for the better.

These and many other positive thoughts will put you in alignment with having the things you want. This is an instance of living the Law of Attraction that will move you closer to the wealth you desire.

Practical Application

  • Be aware of your thoughts and take control of them.
  • Positive thinking is the key to attracting wealth.
  • Positive thoughts in all situations brings your vibration up and puts you more in line with the things you want.
  • Remember your thoughts will become your reality!


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  1. I just want to share my experience on practicing the law of attraction in manifesting for the things I want. What I do, after I put it out to the Universe, I keep a positive heart and a trusting heart that it will soon happen. However negative the situations are showing, where my manifestations seem not to work, I still hang on to that beautiful thought. True enough, it just happens. You notice everything falling in place. And as it happens, you just can’t help but wonder.

    1. I have just the same experience. In the beginning, I always tried to set the conditions or ways to manifest my dreams, but nothing happened or my dream manifested very slowly. at last, I focused myself on the result and believed it to be true, then it began to show.

  2. Thanks for the eye-opener here, Antonio, I’ll definitely focus on being more aware of my thoughts, so I can avoid thinking of what I want something in the future (because in the future is where it will stay).

    Meditation is also a great way to increase your positive vibration–just a quick tip for thought.

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