November 18

Law Of Attraction: Volunteering to Get What You Want


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Volunteering your services or your time toward worthwhile projects has always been needed. It’s not just needed by the group you decide to work with, it’s also needed by you; whether you are consciously aware of this or not.

If we were to never volunteer for anything, dishes would never get washed at home, blind dates probably wouldn’t exist and you might have never been born! Many people have to sacrifice themselves when they volunteer.

We are a part of the greater whole. We are all connected. When we put ourselves into volunteering for worthwhile causes that we believe in, then we are sharing with a whole community of other like minded individuals in this greatness. We all need to have this feeling.

If it were not for individuals who volunteer, there are many worthwhile wheels that never would have turned. Most “grassroots” organizations would never have had a chance toward seeing the light of day without people donating their time and effort.

Think of all the community events that would never have happened if it were not for volunteers. The communities we all live in would have never known about Big Sister or Big Brother programs. These are not reality shows either.

The country, the whole world is turning to “green”. There certainly would be no such thing as a “Green” movement if it were not for the millions of people who volunteer their time and effort to make something this important a living reality for everyone.

In essence, the benefits of volunteering is answering a call to be selfless with our time and/or resources to do something good from our hearts. This is without expecting something back in return for the effort because the cause matters to us.

Volunteering Engages the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a real law of nature. This is not just a metaphysical idea anymore. When research scientists within the quantum physics community cannot explain their work without dragging the Law of Attraction into it, then there must be something to it all.

The Law of Attraction say’s “like attracts like”. When you put something out into the universe as an action, then this creates a void, a vacuum that needs to fill out. The law uses the same vibrational frequencies that were given out in order to give back to us.

When you are volunteering, you are giving something. This is a good thing because now you must get something back in return. The funny thing about the Law of Attraction is that you will never know where the return will be coming from or when you will actually get it but you will get it. You just won’t know what it will be until it arrives.


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