February 25

Law Of Attraction Riddle…


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What do you get more of, the more you give away; but the more you keep, the less you have?


Law Of Attraction

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  1. Money. The Law of circulation. The more you receive the more you give. Before I realized this I noticed whenever I saved up a lot of cash something would happen and I’d always end up at 0. Every single time.

    Today I tithe ten percent of my income and contribute to anyone that feeds me spiritualy.
    I focus on abundance and use the affirmation ,I mind.

    A good read is Deepak Chopra 7 Spiritual laws of Success.


  2. Give away what you learn and you receive way more than you every gave. If you keep what you learn to yourself the less opportunity you have to be or have more.

  3. So true… it really is.

    I’ve been a teacher / trainer for nearly 20 years and happily give away my knowledge to anyone who needs it during the course of my work. I find that the more knowledge I give away freely, the more I learn myself.

    It’s almost like creating space in a well that can fill up and renew all the time.

    Great podcasts Antonio and shortly I’ll post a review of your podcast at my own Podcast Junky blog.

    Kind regards to you and your loved ones.

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