March 18

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Understanding The Power Of Universal Laws

Laws are created by man to make order out of chaos. But even before man made laws, the universal laws existed, influencing and affecting people’s lives. These laws are very powerful and infinite. They are occurring all over the world, regardless of how people differ in race, ethnicity, gender, and age. Knowing what these laws are and learning how to use them will change you in ways you couldn’t imagine.

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Law Of Attraction: A Practical Approach

Go beyond the understanding law of attraction to using it in your day to day life. Law Of Attraction: A Practical Approach reveals the 7 easy-to-use steps in actually using the Law Of Attraction on a daily basis. 

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Here are a few people whose products I’ve personally bought, use regularly and highly recommend:

Mike Dooley
Bob Doyle
Robert Anthony
James Ray
T Harv Eker
Bob Proctor
Jack Canfield
Joe Vitale


Law Of Attraction

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