June 8

I've Got…The Blues? Give Me A Break!

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Was looking for lyrics to a song…I accidentally ran across these lyrics to a popular ‘blues’ song…

Boys I’m most done travellin’, Lord I’m at my journey’s end
B’lieve I’m most done travellin’, Lord at my journey’s end
Well I been lookin’ for me a good partner, bad luck is my best friend
Lord I was born for bad luck, bad luck is everything I see
I was born for bad luck, bad luck is everything I see
Well I wonder why, bad luck keeps on followin’ me
There was thirteen children in my family, I was the last one born
Thirteen children in our family, I was the last one born
I was born on bad luck Friday, lord on the thirtheenth morn’
[Play it Jim]
Bad luck is just like my shadow, follow me everywhere I go
Bad luck is just like my shadow, follow me everywhere I go
Till they follow me one time, back to my best gal’s door…

Okay, maybe it’s just me…but does anyone feel ‘better’ after listening to this?

People ask me why I don’t listen to music and watch television – Duh.

Of you listen to the blues – STOP!

Taking in negative energy like the news can be challenging enough, but when you couple negative energy it with music, you’re actually making it much more powerful.

Here’s why:

When you hear music, the ear converts the sound waves (energy) into vibrations in specific parts of your inner and middle ear. These vibrations are translated into action potentials (stimuli) that travel through nerve to the brain stem, the thalamus, and the auditory cortex. Based on the research that’s been done it appears that the brain takes a song and translates it into it’s own neurosymphony-sending massive amounts of electrical impulses to various parts of your brain. These impulses generate thoughts, feelings, and emotions and are reportedlyconnected to memory.

In plain English – when you hear music (ANY music), it stimulates a part of your brain that’s connected directly to your emotions & memory. That’s why when you hear a certain song, it brings up the same feelings you had when you listened to that song the most. Also, you can hear a song that you haven’t listen to in 15 years and remember every lyric.

So what’s my point?

Because you’re stimulating parts of the brain that control emotions, thoughts and memory while taking in negative song lyrics, you’re reinforcing those lyrics with the ‘power’ of music. Not good 🙁

Practical Application
Take 2-3 hours this weekend and look through all the music you listen to (also the radio stations you listen to)… If it’s not uplifting, motivating or empowering…please consider changing your music selection.

If it’s about losing the love of your life, having bad luck, or “dropping it like it’s hot” – Trash it!

Yours in Creation,



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  1. I couldn’t even read all of the lyrics! I’m so high on life, why would would I want to come down?

    Also Antonio, I got the Robert Anthony “Know How To Be Rich” CD set. You gave us a link to the $10 e-book, but I was so convinced I just went ahead and got the whole $167 package. I love it!!!!

    Thanks for all the empowering information!

    – Alex

  2. It’s good to hear somebody else saying what I’ve been telling my wife for years. She enjoys listening to the blues because she likes the “sound” of the music,she doesn’t even listen to the lyrics (apparently), meanwhile, as an analitical person, I’m sitting there thinking “how can she really enjoy this?, doesn’t she hear the pain?” Again apparently not. Thankfully I have not seen her manifesting the negatives heard in some of the lyrics, but I cannot help but wonder whats happening subliminally. I’ll enjoy hearing her response to what you’ve written.

  3. The thing you said about music is so true…I was listening to music today and was shocked at how every old song I heard was linked to a memory. Some songs reminded me of people in my past or events that happened in my life that I hadnt thought about in years! Suddenly the memory came back as if it was just the day before. I’m all for keepin it positive!

  4. I agree 100%. It is so true. that’s why I really don’t like most country music (except Sugarland they are very positive) because all it talks about is lack, struggling and being poor. Music can change your mood, for sure.

  5. What a depressing song. What a shame if the writer truly felt that way. You’ve certainly made me think about what music I listen to. I do know the power of music to bring memories. Several years ago I was reading HRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series and at the time I was listening to an instrumental record by a group called SKY.. now whenever I hear that music I think of the book and it reminds me of the characters riding their horses pounding over the terrain etc.. quite fascinating.


  6. Here’s the deal with music – well, EVERYTHING in life. Not everyone responds the same way emotionally. Case in point: there’s a 12 year old genius artist (who has been painting since she was 4) who used to cry when her parents played classical music because it “hurt her ears.”

    When I hear a song from my hard rock past, even though it might have less than uplifting lyrics, it might make my heart soar because of the pleasant memories it brings up.

    What’s important is that we learn to follow our OWN internal guidance, not any hard and fast rules about what’s supposedly good for us and what isn’t. Everyone’s different!

    Having said that, the blues never did much for me either. BUT, sometimes, when I’m down, hearing a song that reminds me I’m not the only one who ever felt this way is very comforting. A step in the right vibrational direction, you might say.

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