Law Of Attraction…In Action

The Law Of Attraction was (and still is) a huge paradigm shift for me and others; and I think it it’s important for us to actually see that it works.

So I’ve compiled a list of actual things I’ve manifested (or manifesting) in my life. Please take the time to read these posts so you can see a normal, average, everyday guy creating some amazing things.

And if I can do it…of course you can! 🙂

Some of them are small miracles, but some are pretty significant…just keep your mind open to the fact that no matter how ‘BIG’ or ‘small’ they may seem… ALL of them are miracles of manifestation
Be sure to visit this page often as I update you on the happenings…

Manifesting Money Out Of Thin Air

Manifesting People/Relationships

Manifesting “Simple” Things Consistently

  • Parking Spaces – [Coming Soon] – I’m up to 27 spaces now…I’ll fill you in when I get back

Manifesting “Mini Miracles”

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