Law Of Attraction…In Action: Are We On The Same Page?

I was thumbing through a book I read last year looking for a specific topic I wanted to tell someone about and I couldn’t find it.

(Not really sure what made me decide to do this) but I closed the book, shook it around and said to myself that I’m just going to flop the book open to a random page and the Universe would guide me to the exact passage I was looking for.

Okay… guess what happened……

No, it wasn’t the page…. 🙁 Bummer.

So, I turned one page back…that wasn’t it.

I turned one page forward…that wasn’t it.

So, I turned two pages back…that wasn’t it.

then two pages forward…that wasn’t it.

So, I just said oh well and was about to put the book down when I saw a flash of the last page before the book closed.

It was the index.

And guess what…

It was the exact page with the phrase I was looking for, with the exact page number of the passage I was looking for

2 thoughts on “Law Of Attraction…In Action: Are We On The Same Page?

  • February 3, 2007 at 12:30 am

    Way to go Antonio – It’s the little things that prove the big things are equal achievable.

    Keep that faith.


  • April 24, 2007 at 2:16 am


    I do the same thing everytime I pick up The Secret (book) – it always gives me just what I need at the time!


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