January 26

Law Of Attraction: Poverty Mentality

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You heard me mention the “poverty mentality” in the Shift Happens blog post – how the guy from Dell was trying to make me “poor” by repeatedly downgrading what I actually wanted to order because it would be too expensive to get the top of the line items.Well that makes me want to talk about the whole poverty mentality thing. Poverty mentality is a state of mind. Many people have this mindset, and it often comes from being used to not having enough, or at least- thinking that you don’t have enough. It applies to money, of course, but it also applies to other aspects of life- like relationships, and having enough time to get everything done.

Does this sound familiar?

“I can’t buy that eBook, I need the money to pay the electric bill…”

“I can’t find someone to be in a relationship with, I just don’t have the time to look”

“Sure that business coach could really help me get my new business off the ground, but I can’t afford to pay him because my car payment is due”

If you’re hoarding every dime you make so you can have enough to pay the bills…you’re probably getting just that- just enough to pay the bills. But this is the poverty mentality and this is the exact attitude that is going to keep you in “poverty”, keep you from becoming successful. It’s the Law of Attraction – in action. You get what you constantly focus on.

When you’re pinching pennies every where you go. You going to get more of that.
You absolutely must break out of the poverty mentality line of thinking. Stop focusing on what you don’t have and don’t want and focus on what you do have and on what you want in life.

One thing I find with people who have this mindset, usually are too scared to invest in their future….which is one of things that keeps them in the same place. People who are successful in any area are always investing in themselves to continue their education.
Invest both your time and finances in the things that will get you want you want – like investment/business books, seminars, coaching. I’m not implying that you should spend, spend, spend on everything and get yourself into debt. But like I said in the How To Easily Create The Millionaire Mindset post, spend like a millionaire and the millions will come.

This is what will get the energy of money flowing to you.

And when people try to pull you back into the poverty mentality, RUN….run like your life depended on it….

Because it does 🙂


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