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Law Of Attraction And Personality "Types"?

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Law Of Attraction and personality types – do they work together?

There are a number of popular “Self Help” books out there that deal with “personality types”. They list a number of categories and state that everyone fits neatly into one of them. People seem to eat this stuff up. They look through the descriptions and find one that seems to fit them perfectly. “Wow,” they’ll say, “that’s describes me exactly!” The book will usually say that by knowing your type, you’ll understand why you think and react the way you do.

This may help some people to a certain point. For instance, someone may know that they often have extreme or inappropriate reactions, but don’t understand why. When they’re told that this behavior is typical of their “type”, they feel some sense of relief. Instead of believing they’re just a weak or bad person, they see that it’s not their fault. They also see that they’re not alone, which brings some comfort.

Feeling negative about yourself is never a good thing, so if this helps to move you from a place of self-loathing it can be helpful. But there some real risks involved with this kind of thinking.

First of all, it can provide an excuse for not making positive changes. I’ve heard people say, “I can’t help thinking or reacting this way – I’m a such-and-such type, so I have no choice.” They believe that because they are a “type”, their thoughts and feelings are out of their control. They make the decision that they have no choice but to “go along for the ride”. By the way, this goes for zodiacs as well.

Additionally, in line with the law of attraction, when you focus on ‘being a certain way’ you’ll attract the situations that bring about you ‘being a certain way’. A good friend of mine used to always curse people out and say, “Well, that’s the Aries in me…I can’t help it…” So, guess what, she’d always attract people that did things to get cursed out. (Though there really isn’t anything that serious that you “need” to curse someone out…but you get my point)

Turning control of your life over to other forces or people can sometimes feel comforting. You might feel relief from the pressure involved in making decisions and accepting responsibility. This can feel like freedom, but it’s a very superficial freedom. It’s really more like deciding to put yourself in prison.

Your power as a human being comes from being able to create yourself and your reality. You should desire to become the person you ideally want to be, not the person that the universe “determined” you must be. The universe wants you to expand your horizons and use your full potential, not limit yourself. The universe is created by you imagining what you desire and then acting to make that desire a reality. Your potential for growth has no limits, except for the limits you impose on yourself.

The personality “type” that you are now is a result of past beliefs. You may say, “But when I look at my past, I can see that I have always been this way. This is obviously who I really am.” That pattern of thought may have been there for a long time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t change. It remains a pattern because you reinforce it and give it power.

Maybe this has been your life story so far, but you have the power to tell a different story. You can’t change the past, but you can determine everything that will happen from this point on. Decide what you want to be like in the future – which starts NOW! Start telling that story to yourself. Focus all of your attention on the next chapter of your life. The universe will always support your desires.

Practical Application

Just because you’re a “ESTJ” or a “Libra” or a “Red” or a “Bear” – you can ALWAYS choose to be the person you want to be. Use the knowledge of your “personality type” as an empowerment tool, not a crutch


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  1. Gosh, Antonio, you do have a habit of writing thought-provoking posts!

    Okay, I’ll make a confession. I *love* those personality type tests. Ever since I was small, I’d race to the “quiz” that nearly every magazine ran. In fact, I just took one on “which Goddess are you” (I’m mostly Hestia, with strong Athena).

    If I agree with the results, it’s a good quiz. If I don’t, well, it’s just stupid.

    But you’re right in that people use them, as they do horoscopes, numerology, etc., not to know themselves better but to justify their weaknesses and “permit” them to continue.

    It’s kind of the same thing when people say “I can’t help getting exciting, I’m Italian (or Irish, or ….)”

    Right now, I’m working on being more energetic and waking up earlier, happy to start a new day. As I hit the snooze button for the 3rd time, I’m likely to mutter “but I’m a night person … I can’t do this!”

    Frankly, I’m not sure that changing my sleep pattern is something my higher Self “wants” me to do. But I do know that I can change if I choose to, and I can transform myself from a ‘night person’ to an ‘early bird’ through the power of intention.

    Taking responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts, and our emotions can be a real challenge. At least, for me.

    I’m just discovering and exploring the law of attraction and I am finding your blog one of the most helpful resources for me.

    I hope you’ll excuse me if I end up writing too many ultra-long responses. But, after all, I am part Athena!

  2. I especially vibed with the part where your friend is attracting people to go with the type of person that she believes she is – the people that are going to get cursed out show up for her. Wonder how this applies to people who think they are ‘type A’ personalities – are they actually Attracting stress?

  3. I read those types of articles but just for the fun of knowing how it describes me. I’ve always known that these things don’t lead us. It’s part of entertainment. And I’m entertained. In the end, it’s still me who decides what I want to be day-to-day. Good blog you have here.

  4. From the post above, there is one clear idea that came through me–being responsible for yourself and for the things you do, knowing that everything you do has its consequences and rewards.

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