November 12

Law Of Attraction – A Fundamental Belief

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One of the challenges I’ve had on my journey of discovering the law of attraction is my degree of belief.

For example: When most people attend a seminar, they learn a specific thing that may help them; and it may be empowering or beneficial to them. So they go back to the ‘real word’ and they might share the information with their friends; and they may even apply some ideas or strategies to their lives.

For me, the law of attraction was a total paradigm shift and has become my fundamental belief system.

Even moreso, this has happened relatively quickly, as most people would say “overnight”. So, it is difficult for people to really relate to the level of belief I have.

I had a conversation with my brother and he was telling me about some of the challenges and struggles that he’d gone through when he was growing up. Interestingly enough, the conversation kept getting abruptly halted because of my belief system.

For example, he would say, “Well, you know things happen in life…” and I would cut him off and say, “Well, no. Things don’t happen in life. We create the things that happen in life. Things just don’t happen.”

Then he’ll say something like, “You know, you just want to be prepared for what life throws at you…” and again, I had to stop and say, “Life doesn’t throw anything at me…”

And this happened two or three other times, and he started getting visibly frustrated – which is totally understandable.

I said over and over, “You know man, I really appreciate and love you for telling me with this, because I know you’re coming to me out of love..I know you’re not trying to hold me back or make my life miserable; however, there is a belief system that I live by that doesn’t coincide with what your saying.”
I understood that everything he was telling me was coming from a place of love, but it was still coming from his limited beliefs. In fact, he even made that statement, “Well, I am just telling you; these are the things that I know, these are the things that I’ve learned, and these are the things that I’ve come to believe.” and I said, “Exactly! Those are the things that you’ve come to believe, but I don’t believe those things. Those things don’t exist in my reality.”

That conversation was a real eye opener for me. First of all how much the law of attraction has become an integral part of my life. It is not just a surface level application that I use when I need to feel better or when I need to pump myself up.

Secondly because of how difficult it is for people to understand the law of attraction if they don’t “believe” it.
It’s actually become a part of who I am, a part of my existence, a part of the reality that I see when I experience the rest of the world. Because again, I see the law of attraction as a way of being…a fundamental belief system.

You believe it or you don’t.

It is just like gravity; you either believe in gravity or you don’t believe in gravity. You can’t believe that gravity works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. Because if you had a ‘wishy-washy’ belief about gravity, you would go insane. Worrying every moment of the day whether or not you were just going to float off into space. If you had that belief you would go nuts, and the law of attraction, in my opinion, is the exact same way.

I don’t think there is a middle ground. I don’t think the law of attraction is a surface level Band-Aid, or concept that is to be intellectually understood and applied where necessary, because it works everywhere…all the time.

I say all this to say; for those of you who are making the transition into living the law of attraction and not just thinking about it or talking about it… don’t be discouraged.

Don’t be discouraged when your friends start thinking you are weird, don’t be discouraged when your family members stop talking to you as much; don’t be discouraged when people start disappearing. The law of attraction states that like attracts like.

You’ll find that other people will come into your life that will have the same belief and that will make a huge difference for you.

I put together a local group of Law Of Attraction practitioners in Atlanta called “The Secret” Society. They’ve become like a family to me and I’m overwhelmed with joy that I’m a part of their lives.

Having people who don’t judge me, think I’m weird or tell me “I need Jesus” is such a wonderful experience. It’s so important to have like-minded people around you to share in this experience and keep you encouraged. I love them dearly

By finding like-minded people you don’t have to be be discouraged by allowing the limited views of the society we live in to hold you back from what you know to be true. And by reaching out to others you avoid the potential ‘fear’ of your friends disappearing.
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  1. I used to worry about disaproval from my friends, family, and co-workers. I think the worry used to consume me. Now I’ve come to the realization that this is MY life. I no longer worry about how others perceive my beliefs.

  2. YEP!? I’m doin the but πŸ™‚ I’ve realized? that life would work out the way I want it to if I’ll work it out the way I wanted it to.

    Insane, but that’s the reality.

    Nobody decides for my life rather than me and that’s how it should be, right? But of course with the guidance and protection of the Omnipotent One will be a requirement, and very much necessary, though.

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