January 28

Law Of Attraction: A Demonstration

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I’m often asked about how to deal with things that ‘aren’t quite what you want’ or are ‘just short’ of what you’re manifesting for yourself. From my understanding, this is a demontration from the Universe.

My ‘short’ definition of a demonstration is the universe showing you an ‘example’ of what’s to come and a it’s way to show you that you’re on the right path. This is a great way to deepen your ‘faith’ or belief that the Universe is operating on your behalf.

To give you a quick personal example: As many of you may know, I’ve been in the process of manifesting a wife for myself. Not too long ago, I met two women who were sooooo close to the woman I visualize spending the rest of my life with, but weren’t exactly what I wanted.

One was like 97% of what I wanted, but that 3% was so important to me that I wasn’t willing to entertain the relationship – She didn’t want children. πŸ™ Not happening for me.

The other one…whoa. Just an amazing woman – geez! I can’t begin to explain…but long story short: she had a boyfriend (good for her – and REALLY good for him too πŸ™‚ )

So my point?

Neither of these women were available to me at the time…for very obvious reasons. But showed up.


To show me to stay on the path, keep doing what I’m doing…the time is coming soon.

Look for the demonstrations in your life. They could be anything…

  • Like if you’re manifesting wealth and abundance in your life…a demonstration could be finding pennies on the ground.
  • If you’re manifesting a better job, a demonstration could be finding really great job opportunities, you don’t get the position.
  • If you’re manifesting a new house, a demo could be you finding home listings that close, but not quite what you’re looking for…

All these things could be the Universe saying, “Hey, stay on course, your desires are just around the corner…”


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  1. Antonio,

    I can understand the woman with not wanting the children…(I commend you for sticking to your guns on that), but maybe the other woman is not for you ‘right now’. Who knows, maybe down the road, things will be different for you two.

    By the way, I thought you were manifesting a meet with Lisa Nichols??? πŸ˜€

  2. Oh my goodness Geraldine,

    You’re going to get me in trouble… πŸ™‚

    I agree with you about now not being the right time, but she didn’t feel the same way about me…so I would have been ‘forcing’ it. I’m actually writing another post about what to do when someone you like doesn’t like you back. Look for it soon.

    As far as Lisa goes, I’m just manifesting a meet with her – for no specific purpose…just a meet. πŸ˜‰

  3. Antonio,
    You might consider looking into different counties. Don’t limit yourself to the USA. My wife and I have a friend in Sweeden that is looking for someone. The world has a lot to offer!


  4. I have to tell you this, because something happened to me last week, that I didn’t understand. But after reading your post, I think it’s a little more understandable, now.

    What happened was, I saw “The Secret” video. Then, I did some studying on the subject of the Law of Attraction. And then, I decided to try it out.

    The affirmation was as follows: I’m walking along, and suddenly, I see a crisp, new $20 bill on the floor or the ground. No one is around but me. I bend down to pick it up. I feel the crisp texture between by fingers. I fold it up and slip it into my pocket.

    I kept that mental video running in my mind, constantly that day, and before I went to sleep that night. I didn’t know when it would actually happen (in the material world), but I KNEW that I had already created it, so it already existed…it just had to materialize.

    The next day, I went to work. (I work in a department store.) Where ever I walked, I glanced at the ground or the floor. I KNEW it would appear somewhere, so I was watching.

    The morning went by, and then I went to lunch. I was walking out of the store and there was a women about twenty feet ahead of me. Suddenly, an envelope dropped out of her pocket, and when it did, a whole stack of bills flew out of it. By now, you probably have guessed that they were ALL $20 bills.

    Well, it took her a moment, but then I guess she heard them drop, so she turned and started to collect them; I just walked passed and continued to my lunch.

    I wondered later, why it happened this way. Well, first, I was amazed cause it happened at all! lol. And then I thought to myself, the Law of Attraction really DOES work. I saw what I wanted to see, but it wasn’t mine to have.

    But maybe it was, as you’ve said, a demonstration from the Universe, that I am on the right track. Or possibly, it might be some hidden belief of mine, that money is for everyone else, and not for me, so I saw it, but it wasn’t mine. I will have to work on that one. (Just thought about that now, actually!)


  5. :O you know its funni recently ive been tryin to manifest this girl that i like to bsiclly just to get to know me n for me to get to know her ( im shy d/a ) anyway i was about to give up trying until i read this and it makes sence becouse i have seen her name in virous place’s were i go ….. so im guessing this means that the universe is manifesting it for me and im on the right track πŸ˜€

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