February 3

James Ray arrested On Manslaughter Charges – Law of Attraction?


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James Ray arrested on manslaughter charges for Sedona sweat lodge incident – My take on how the law of attraction plays a part in this unfortunate event.

I hope my video conveys that something being “accidental” is not the same as “releasing someone from responsibility”. I truly believe Ray is responsible for what happened and he should deal with whatever comes along with such an event…but I do not believe that he is the “obsessed with death” or “God complex” person people are saying he is.

My continued condolences to the friends and families of Kirby Brown, James Shore and Liz Neuman


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  1. I believe it was an accident not a criminal act. Yet, he is responsible for what happened.
    Yes, only a few people believes in him compared to the ones who wants him in jail.

  2. is it law of attraction or goal setting. I think people set goals and look around how to get that goal and say that it is law of attraction

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