December 10

Is Your Perception Your Reality?

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What would you do if you found yourself deprived of all sensory stimulation? Imagine for a moment that you wouldn’t be able to see anything, there was dead silence and all of your senses weren’t working.

What Happens?

Many people in situations like this would allow their mind and imagination to take over and run wild. When we are put in a situation that is unfamiliar and our basic senses are not working, it can be very scary. We may begin to perceive the situation as best we can. However, without all the information, especially without the use of our senses, our perception can be very wrong. Yet and still we will go on living in our created reality and ideals.

Is it True?

Although what we are perceiving may not be true, it is true to us and is shown through our thoughts and actions. The Law of Attraction works the same way. If we think positively and take active steps in the right direction our thoughts  will lead us to a more productive track.

What Happens When We Think Negatively?

When we think negatively we block the pathway for anything we desire to be able to find us. We end up hindering our flow and overall life situation.

By changing the way we think we can create a venue that allows our desires to be easily accessed. This will open our minds to many of the available possibilities that can be achieved.


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  1. Truly there are a lot of available things that can achieved. We just have to change the way we think.
    Our reality is always connected to what we think. If we are always thinking negatively we are attracting negative energy big time. Always think positive.
    Positive thinking! Right!

  2. So often our perception does not reflect reality all that well. We each learn from our individual experiences, and our past experiences teach us how to react to future situations. People who have been hurt a lot in the past tend to have a greater distrust of people (or certain people) in general. ALL of our experiences (good and bad) taint the way we view the world and ourselves.

  3. “To interpose the threat of physical destruction between a man and his perception of reality, is to negate and paralyze his means of survival; to force him to act against his own judgment, is like forcing him to act against his own sight”

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