November 10

Instantaneous Belief – Part Deux (Are You Out Of Your Mind?!?)

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So, how to stop those instantaneous beliefs from taking over.

One way is by getting ?out of your mind? and listening to the things that we are thinking about ourselves. By thinking aloud, saying some of these disempowering beliefs aloud will allow us to hear them through the filters.

To give you a personal example; I am a great marketer and I know that I am. I have created a massive amounts of income for myself and my clients, and I know I have the ability to create something out of nothing ? that?s how I got the name ?Money Mouth?.

However, I have recurring thoughts – “I don?t know what I am doing”; or that “everything I touch turns to mud ..bla, bla ,bla ”

Now, just saying those things aloud now sounds absolutely ludicrous in the logical sense because they?re ridiculous. If I look at my past and I look at my history, it is evident that from the amount of money I have generated, the amount of customers I have, the amount of businesses I have grown for my clients; that I am a great marketer! And it is absolutely ludicrous for me to believe that I am a poor marketer.

However, that thought sometimes sneaks up and is instantly believed, because I have no filters to filter out that thought based on reality, based on fact, based on experience, and based on history and sometimes I get worried that my ideas aren?t going to work, or something else equally as ridiculous.

And this happens more than you would think…Believe it or not there are professional football players and baseball player (ones I know personally) who have these same doubts. Think about that…these are guys who are getting paid millions of dollars because they’re better at their sport than everyone else in the world and they too have these same doubts.

So, when you find yourself falling victim to these thoughts, then say them aloud or write them down, so you can hear and/or see how ludicrous they actually are. It’s important to get out of yourself to really see what you’re thinking or believing. Sometimes your beliefs are so deep rooted that you don’t even know what you believe until it comes up in a situation.

Because based on the law of attraction, you manifest reality based on the belief of the things you think. Yes, thoughts have power and thoughts do create things; however, if the emotion behind those thoughts do not reinforce those thoughts, then that thought is less powerful.

Particularly, if that thought is not believed. If you do not believe that thought, you are taking away the power of that thought, just like you would in manifesting things you want.

Law of attraction states that what you think about most, you either become or create, but the emotion behind that thought is what manifests it into reality. Because if you don?t believe you can be a millionaire, it doesn?t matter how much you think about it, if you do not believe you can have that 2-million Dollar home, it does not matter how much you think about it, you are not going to get it; The belief has to follow it up.

So, in this case, it is important for you to get ?out of your mind? in order to see the reality or the lack thereof of the thoughts you are thinking.

Dr. Robert Anthony talked about the litmus logic test, the four questions to ask yourself when confronted with a potentially disempowering thought.

The first question is “Is this thought factually accurate?” Meaning, “Is this the truth?” Going back to my example, “Am I actually a bad marketer?” Well, no. My past experiences clearly shows that I am a great marketer.

The second question to ask is “Is this thought serving my best interest?” and most likely no, because thinking that I am a poor marketer, that does not serve my best interest.

The third question is “Does this make my life easier or harder?” Well, thinking that I am poor marketer does not make my life easier by far.

And the last question to ask is “Is this getting me what I want?” and obviously the answer to that is no. Thinking that I am a poor marketer would definitely not get me what I wanted.

So, using these four questions you can reprogram your brain into getting ?out of your mind? and getting into what you really want – happiness.

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  1. I have also found myself doing the same thing you were speaking of in this post. I feel that the information you have provided may help me in future to have more confidence in myself when trying to complete a task I am being overwhelmed by. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Dr. Anthony extended some really great advice there. Thanks for positing that info. Negative thoughts can be quite intrusive somestimes. Your references to the law of attraction seem very logical.

  3. Bingo! You totally hit the nail on the head. Instead of jumping into the downward spiral of negative thoughts, we should stop and question the validity of these feelings. I’ve stopped myself from joining a “pity party for 1” many times.

  4. Ah, Fact VS. Fiction. I always, and I mean always, question the validity of my feelings and thoughts. Especially if it’s one that belittles my efforts. I agree with your post 100%

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