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Instantaneous Belief – Part 1


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Instantaneous Belief is a really interesting concept.You probably haven’t heard of it because I kinda made it up…but it’s a very powerful concept nonetheless. I made up the name…not the concept

The way I explain instantaneous belief is this: There is a space between what happens; and your perception of what happens.

What I mean by “space” is that; there is a small interval of time between what happens and how you process it in your brain. Albeit a small timeframe (a fraction of a fraction of a second) that space of time does exist.

So, in other words, you experience something with any of your 5 senses, then you have a thought about what you just saw. Like a car accident …you see it, then you have a thought about it. A tree; you see it, you have a thought about it. If something is said; you hear it and you have a thought about it. Someone touches you, you feel it and you have a thought about it.

There is, in every instance, a space of time between what happens and your thought about what happens. And in that space, there’s a filter. That filter contains our our experiences, our current situation, it contains our cultural awareness, and a lot of other ideals that go into the big bucket of the mixture we call beliefs.

However, when the thought originates inside your head, that space does not exist, and that is what I call Instantaneous Belief.

To give you an example, as you are reading this, you are reading the words and you’re thinking about the words because your brain is processing those words. So you read the words, then there is the space of your filters and your beliefs, then you have a thought about the words as they are being processed.

Real Life Example Of How Instantaneous Belief Works

Watch this…

Read this next sentence very carefully…“You are a dummy”.

Those words actually are resonating with you right now based on your beliefs.

So, you most likely are offended right now with me calling you a dummy (by the way, I don’t really think you’re a dummy…I was just using it as an example). However, when you say it to yourself, you don’t get ‘offended’, because without that filter in place, there is an instantaneous belief in the comment.

So, let’s say you’re going to the mall to buy something that you really want.

  • You put your clothes on;
  • you get in your car,
  • you drive down the street,
  • you go through the traffic,
  • you’re fighting to find a parking space,
  • you go to the store that has your item,
  • you look for the item
  • you see it’s the last one they have left, so you grab it
  • you rush to the cashier
  • you’re standing in line waiting to get checked out
  • you’re the next one in line
  • but then…you realize that you’ve left your wallet at home

You think to yourself; “Oh! I am such a dummy!”

And what happens is: you (your subconscious) instantly believe it. You instantly believe that you are a dummy, because you don’t have the filters in place to offset or challenge the statement. That thought isn’t being filtered like when I called you a dummy.

So, you calling yourself a dummy is immediately accepted by your subconscious mind as truth; whereas, me calling you a dummy is not, based on your filters. Even, to the degree that if you said it aloud to yourself, it still goes through those filters.

Stay tuned and I’ll show you a couple of easy ways to get ‘out of your mind’ and overcome Instantaneous Belief

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  1. Antonio,
    I like your word , instantanious belief. I am making great strides in controlling this.
    Your thoughts on this will help me even more.
    I have noticed by doing so, that the thought about whatever happens, bad or good, starts shifting from immediatly after the event to before the event.
    It is only a glimps occuring in fraction of a fraction of a second, but it is there. It amazes me. I usually glimpse this when something bad occurs, but I am sure it also happens when good occurs, but is overshadowed by the joy that comes from it. This proves to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that we create what we are.
    I am very interested in any other thoughts that you have on this subject.

  2. Oh, how those instantaneous beliefs are intrusive! The moment we subject ourselves to a malicious thought – we start to believe it.

    As a woman I can share this: I normally take a size medium, but on one occassion I had to buy a large. In the dressing room, I thought to myself “I’m such a cow.” I watched everything I ate for the entire week!

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