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Do you enjoy what you do? Are you ‘in joy’ when you’re doing it? You should consider that the short amount of time we have here on Earth should be “in joy’ed”. Meaning, that we should always strive for the things that bring us joy…nothing else.

I don’t wash the dishes, cut the grass, wash my car, shine my shoes, and a whole laundry list of other things, because they don’t bring me joy.

Some people have called me lazy and arrogant.

But, why?

Because I don’t force myself to ‘suffer’? I don’t guilt myself into doing things I don’t like to do in order get ‘brownie points’ with some nebulous entity who’s keeping score on my suffering?

I don’t do these things because they don’t bring me joy.

However they do bring others joy. So who am I to rob them of their joy by doing something I don’t want to do?

I’ve mentioned before, that years ago when I first stopped cutting the grass… the guy cutting the grass was actually smiling while he was in the hot sun, pushing that lawnmower around the yard. He had on his straw hat and a huge smile of contentment….

That wouldn’t have been me. I would have been whining and complaining every minute of the way….did I mention that it was HOT!?!

So again, who am I to rob this guy of the “in joy’ment” he gets from cutting the grass?

When I ran my technology company, I used to love troubleshooting and putting computers together. Most people hated it. That’s why they paid me to come ‘play’ on their computers for an hour or so… they hated it, I loved it…a perfect match.

So, what’s my point here??? There are people who love to do the things you don’t…let them do it. Save yourself the time and the frustration…just hire them to do it.

Practical Application

If you don’t enjoy something or if you aren’t “in joy” when you’re doing it… stop.

It lowers your vibration and ultimately you’re robbing someone of the joy they of doing it.

Yours In Joy,



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  1. The thought of not doing things I dont enjoy brings up many emotions. Throughout life I dont feel Ive been given that choice. The idea of that is very exciting but scary as well. I think I will try this in a few areas of life and see how I feel about it. It will also be interesting to see how others react to my not doing something I dont enjoy. Especially if it effects them in some way.

  2. Mr. Thornton, this is about the most liberating thing I have read all year. It’s funny and probably no coincidence that I was just thinking this morning how guilt can sap and obstruct manifestation, and how I should release it to allow my good to flow in. Then I come across your site and see confirmation. I was only saying to myself today, it’s time to become somewhat Entitled. Often spiritual folks think of ourselves as lapsing, being bad, or becoming like the bad folks if we dump guilt, observe no shame and start becoming Entitled. Aren’t only the bad folks like that? No way. We’ve also noticed as spiritual folks that bad people seem to race right through visualization and manifest money, love, luck, etc., at rocket speed while we languish behind. Could it be that instead of the Universe seemingly rewarding bad behavior, it’s that bad people practice part of the Law of Attraction without realizing it? Could that secret part be that feeling guilt or shame actually slows manifestation down? Are guilt and shame actual resistance? I am dumping guilt and shame this morning and becoming as in love with myself as Madonna is. I bet I’ll manifest a life her size pretty quickly. The difference is… I’ll use it for good.

    I bet the Universe is so frustrated with all of us good folks not getting our good works done and good ideas manifested to help others simply because we think guilt and shame are what make us good. I think not. Thank you for a great essay. It’s opened my eyes.

  3. How co-incidental that you brought up the subject of “washing dishes” because I kind of love washing dishes (as long as I’m in the right mood!) because it reminds of the meal that I had.

    I even mentioned on one of my working from home-related pages of how one could start a business of their own just by using something that they hate to do – like doing the dishes!

    It all depends on how you look at the chore!

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