March 3

I'm Surrounded By Idiots! Living The Law Of Attraction

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“I’m Surrounded By Idiots!”

I remember a long, loooong time ago πŸ™‚ I used to say that all the time. I used to get so frustrated with people for “being idiots”.

They’d do ‘stupid’ things that would drive me insane. I mean REALLY stupid things that couldn’t be explained by any rationally thinking person.

What I didn’t think about at the time was, “If I was surrounded by ‘idiots’…then, what did that make me?”

The Law Of Attraction states that any and everything that shows up in our lives is a reflection of who we’re being at that time. We attract the things that are in vibrational resonance with what we’re putting out into the universe.

Now, you may be asking… “So, Antonio, were you putting out into the universe that you’re an idiot?”


But what I was putting out was the ‘need’ to be frustrated and irritated.

Looking back, I know my lesson was to learn patience and tolerance….allowing people to be who they are. Took me a long time….and I’m still learning today.

Practical Application

Be on the lookout for ‘lessons’ that may be showing up for you… if you’re “surrounded” by something or a situation keeps showing up, it’s probably because you need to grow from the situation.

Look for the lesson


living the law of attraction

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  1. hey Antonia,

    I think you should like expand more on your posts. I think Law of Attraction is an interesting topic.

  2. Your title caught my attention. It’s funny but real. I remember someone told me that we reflect who we are to the world. I’ve learned lessons from that and like you I’m still trying to improve on my weaknesses. πŸ˜‰

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