December 8

I'm Here At Marketing Madness (Learning Lessons)


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Well I’m sitting here at the Marketing Madness event here in Atlanta, GA.

Shawn Casey, one of the guys who’s putting on the event is a good friend of mine and he told me about it a few days ago so of course I came.

I’m learning a lot of lessons here… lessons that they didn’t intend on teaching.

One of the cool things that happened when I got here was how many people came up to me and asked me about my business and how can I help them, etc. I didn’t have on a name badge, so I guess people thought I was “important”. It didn’t hurt that all the speakers on the conference knew me…so people were like, “whoa, this guy must be important…” A few people actually came up and said, “Hi, my name is ____, you just seemed important, so I wanted to introduce myself to you.”


Totally freaky.

Freaky because I never saw myself that way (thought I always secretly wanted to be ‘that guy’)

So here I am, living this secret dream of mine…

more to come


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  1. That was a cool experience man. But I think you are important enought to be treated in such manner. You know one of the event organizers in the first place. πŸ™‚

    So how as it man? How does it feel to be like that. you really deserve that and you are important.

  2. Hey its been quite a while. πŸ™‚

    That event must have had kept you busy this past few days. Anyways, it’s great to hear that from you. I know you are worthy in that kind of attention. You really deserve it man.

    About the event, I hope you can share some of the
    things that you had learned there. πŸ™‚

  3. Seems you are really in big time now. Wish i was there Antonio, I could have told them great things about you. So they’ll know how you inspire lives of so many people.

    Congratulations, im glad that your living that dream. More power.

  4. That was an awesome experience man. I wish i can also experience that kind of thing coz i also wanted to be the top guy, a center of attention for at least on the things that i specialized. But I never had been there. I Wish one day.

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