May 17

I'm Back…Again

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[youtube USRfUfTemBg]
Hey everyone it’s Antonio, well of course it’s Antonio this is my blog, so who else would it be…and well and plus you can see up at the top of the screen, that’s me up there so anyway. I wanted to do this really quick video to let you know, that I am back!

I know its been a long time since you’ve heard from me lot of stuff going on …no excuses no excuses…but a lot of stuff going on. As you know a couple months ago I met Nikki.

Remember the woman from my vision board…yeah well…we’re actually getting married really soon and I’m just absolutely excited about that and we’re actually getting married in Costa Rica…yaaay…

well anyway been ripping and running taking care of that.

I’ve actually launched a couple of new products and doing very well with those.

You may want to after you’ve finished watching the video check down here on the side of the page and get your own copy cause there really good…lol…

Anyway even hired a new assistant..

A lot of stuff going on…a lot of great things.

Been doing a lot of traveling meeting some phenomenal people and learning a lot of new amazing things I’m going to share with you.

You know a big part of helping to raise the consciousness is also taking in new information so I can share that with you.

So I just wanted to get back in integrity with each and every one of you because I’ve missed you, I hope you’ve missed me. I’ve missed your comments I’ve missed all the great things you say, and I just miss the people reading the blog. And again I want to apologize because I know a lot of people count on this blog to keep you pumped up to keep you motivated to keep that energy flowing. And I haven’t been here but It’s been for a good reason, a lot of great things going on but I will say this be on the look out for a lot of new great information coming up.

Its going to be like the new and improved Antonio lot of new things coming up, starting this week so be on the look out for that. But I do want to tell you that I appreciate you being a part of this! I appreciate you reading the blog on a regular basis! And I appreciate your hanging with me during the time period that I have not been able to post as regularly as I would have liked to! But rest assured things are going to be changing this week and we’re going to take this thing to a whole other level, you and I, we’re going to raise the consciousness of this entire world.

I love you guys and look forward to seeing what is next.

Yours In Creation,



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  1. Congrats! I’m a big follower of the blog/podcast and I think it’s great that you and Nikki have found each other…not that I’m surprised! 😉
    Looking forward to seeing more new + exciting things on the blog and I’m digging the video posts as well.

    Live by Design!


    ps-if you need a GREAT photographer for the wedding let me know!

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