February 13

I Wrote In A Book Today

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As I mentioned in my Scary Room post, I’d never gone into a sauna until last year…no logical reason…I just had never done it.

One of the books I’m currently reading is Way Of The Superior Man (which is a great book by the way). I read something that was really interesting, so I underlined it. It felt really weird…


Well, In my 30+ years of my life, I’d never written in a book – ever.

I own well over 1,000 books… everything from Astronomy to Zoology.

Until today, I’ve never written in one of them.


I have no idea why.

For some reason, I’ve had this weird feeling (I wouldn’t call it a fear) about writing in books – even workbooks. I’ve even gone to the extent of making copies of workbooks and only writing on the copied pages.

I was reading this book today, I was really inspired by something I read and wanted to note it in the book, but I was feeling weird about doing it.

(you’re gonna love this) The “irony” was that I was reading a passage about identifying and breaking through your limitations and ‘fears’. And at that very moment, I was aware of how I was feeling at that time and really wondered why I felt weird about writing in books.

Well, instead of going trough some deep psychological evaluation and past life regression exercises, I just wrote in the book. I decided to break thru my feeling about writing in books and just did it.

It was actually pretty liberating.

This may seem pretty small an insignificant to you, but I want you to look at the bigger picture.

Unknown limitations we place on ourselves.

Albeit a weird limitation, it was real.

No, it wasn’t keeping me from living a fulfilled life, but there could be other things just as elusive and ‘insignificant’ that could be.

Practical Application

1) Be aware of ‘silly’ or ‘insignificant’ beliefs or practices that could be limiting your life

2) Be open to simply breaking through limitations instead of wallowing in the ‘whys’ or ‘how I became this way’ conversations. Sometimes, instead of going back to your childhood and finding the specific incident that may have caused the limitation to appear, you may just be better off breaking thru and doing the thing.


Practical Application, Psycho-Cybernetics

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  1. Hey Antonio, just wanted to ask…. this LOA Workbook offer you have on the blog, where it says Get Your FREE LOA Exercises Today! Where are they? When i click on the link it takes me to a website where I need to buy the Workbook, so where’s the FREE?

    Just wanted to bring this to your attention, it is misleading somewhat.


  2. When I was young I have this belief that if I didn’t wake up that morning right, then everything else the whole day is gonna go wrong. But I have overcome that belief just because I never wanted my activities and development to be hindered by that one baseless belief. You have a relevant post, for me.

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