September 11

I Love You Affirmation


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If you’re familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Experiments, I’ve taken the same concept and am using for myself.
I keep a little sheet of paper in my pocket all day that says:

I Love You!

I am attracting massive amounts of love and wealth to myself and everyone around me everyday.


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  1. Well, “I Love You” really is a magic word. Good for you that you had fully utilize its capabilities. For me, that word really is the Entire Solution for the current problems that we have. I am speaking about problems at all levels. If you’ll see the bigger picture, I am sure you will get what i mean.

    I just wonder how much amount of love you attract everyday. It might lead to other things. Just kidding!

    Continue doing a great job.


    Also on a site note.? I don’t know if you posted this on purpose today…but it’s 9/11 and Love is one of the things we need on this day.

  2. I think we do have a similar outlook about love. It’s meant to be shared and spread.

    In your case, you are attracting love and wealth and hopefully have them the proper priority.

    I guess I was attracted by that sheet of paper.

    Who knows!

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