November 23

I just don't like that guy

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Have you ever had someone sit next to you or stand next to you and you just ‘felt’ uncomfortable? Not that they were doing anything in particular, you just felt weird. I think this is more real than we think. As you know, like attracts like?meaning: things that things that emit the same vibration resonance are drawn to each other. Well, the opposite is the same. Things that aren’t vibrating on the same frequency are ‘repelled’ from each other. That’s what happens when your around people who you ‘just don’t like for some strange reason’.

This feeling can come from your beliefs as well. For example, if you’re holding some prejudices about a certain type of person, that could impact how you feel, though this is still the same. Your beliefs are the main determiner of your vibration?so if you believe Jewish people are cheap, or Black people are lazy, or women aren’t smart, you’re going to vibrate on that level. But beyond that?I’m talking about when you have no reason other than your gut feeling that this person makes you feel uncomfortable.

I think it’s very important to act on this feeling. It’s the Universe telling you that there’s an energy in your presence that’s not in harmony with yours.

At the same time, sometimes when you meet people you seem to have a connection with them. I think this represents a harmony of energies or ‘spiritual connection’ that is just as important to recognize. I just recently met a young lady who I had this type of connection with. It seemed like when we met, we knew each other for years. We just had this unexplainable connection that’s really hard to explain. It was like we were getting to know each other ‘again’.

Just as anything else with the Law of Attraction, you attract to you the things on the same vibration as you’re resonating and I’m glad to say that I’m attracting the people in my life now that I know should be in my life. And interestingly enough, others are ‘mysteriously’ disappearing.

Go figure.

So if you met someone and you ‘just don’t feel right’?go with that. It’s your Higher Self telling you that they shouldn’t be there.

And the opposite goes as well, when you meet someone who you just feel good about, “keep them around’, they’re turn out to be just the person you need in your life.


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