August 16

I Fought The Law…But The Law Won

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A few days ago I heard the old Bobby Fuller song, “I Fought The Law…But The Law Won” and it made me think about how people try to ‘fight’ the law of attraction by doing things they think aren’t impacting them.

EVERYTHING you do is cause.

Therefore it WILL have an EFFECT.

It’s the law and you can’t get around it, no matter how sneaky, under the radar you do it…you can’t beat it.

Even though you may think it’s a small thing, anything you do that is a negative energy action, WILL have an effect on you.

Some things to consider:

  • While you may think it’s nice to let your friend ‘borrow’ your software to put on their computer, it’s stealing.
  • If you don’t have a trash can nearby and toss some trash on the ground, you may try to blame it on the fact that no one thought to put a trash can nearby, but you’re littering, pure and simple.
  • Even killing insects that have done nothing to harm you is something to consider. You may not like seeing them, but does that warrant a death sentence for the bugs?
  • A lot of times people tell white lies to keep a situation from getting too stressful. Call a lie any color you want, it’s still a lie.
  • How about ‘borrowing’ pens, paper, or staples from your job…even running personal copies. Here’s something you may not want to hear… personal phone calls…all can be put into the bucket of ‘stealing’
  • Many people think it’s OK to do things if they don’t get caught. You’re caught before you do it! Even if no one else knows about it…you know, your mind knows, the universe knows that you put the cause out, and you will attract the effect.

    Practical Application

    Look at your actions over a few days. How many things do you do that aren’t in alignment with the things you want for yourself, but you consider ok because no one is “hurt”, or no one knows?

    Consider the negative energy you are sending out into the universe because of these little things.

    Do you really want the effect that you are going to receive from that?


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    1. The Law of attraction is all about aligning your vibration to the outcome you seek. How do you do this? You do this by experiencing that future outcome mentally and emotionall before it has manifested. How do you do that? It starts with desire. Activating the desire you have for your goal and connecting to your passion will generate all the juicy postive feelings so integral to attracting it. You also do it by engaging your imagination and visualizing.

      Unlock the Secret of Law of Attraction By Following Three ‘Obvious’ Steps

    2. Hey Antonio. This was very insightful. Makes a lot of sense, and makes you really really think of the things you do on a daily basis. Do you want to REAP of doing GOOD things, or negative things? Hmmmmmm. Very good.

    3. Hay! How about, If I receive software from my friend who paid allot of money for it, but gave it to me for free because deep down I didn’t think I had that kind of money, only tells the universe that I can’t afford it, and the universe responds! As A Man Thinketh So Is He!

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