December 30

How Dare You Not Let Me Kill Myself

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I’m sitting here in a Marriott hotel lobby and overheard an amazing conversation…

Apparently this hotel doesn’t allow smoking and a woman who made reservations didn’t know this.

So as she was checking in, she asked for a smoking room and the woman behind the desk informed her that they didn’t have smoking rooms.

The woman says the following,

“Are you f-ing kidding me?!? What’s wrong with you people?!? I can’t smoke anywhere in this God forsaken state!”

The woman behind the desk replies, (very courteously) “Georgia has banned smoking in restaurants, but individual hotels have the option of offering smoking rooms, we’ve chosen not to…I’m sorry about that ma’am.”

The customer asks the woman, “Are all hotels this dumb?” Then goes into this tirade about how preposterous it is that she can’t smoke where she pleases and how she’s ‘outraged’ and will go to another hotel… bla, bla, bla.


This scene would have been funny other than the fact that I realized what this woman was actually doing – fighting for the right to kill herself.

If you’ve wanted another example of people Campaigning For Mediocrity… here it is.

I could understand if the hotel didn’t allow kids or something…but smoking? Is smoking (slowly killing yourself) that important to you?

I’ve never been a smoker and never will be… so I’ll never understand this addiction. But to cuss-out an innocent person and storm out of the hotel the way the woman did, you’d think she was addicted to crack.

I don’t get it

After she left, the people standing around the front desk were dumbfounded. I threw in my 2 cents… “Well, another alternative is to just stop smoking!”

Exit…stage left…gut busting laughter.


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  1. “you’d think she was addicted to crack”. Sadly, it IS as bad as being addicted to crack. Chemical Dependency/Addiction studies have reported that quitting smoking is more difficult than getting off cocaine. Nicotine is extremely addictive. It sounds like that lady was stressed out anyway to behave in that manner, which does not excuse it. She might have felt there was a conspiracy to keep her from smoking! As a life-long smoker myself, I can relate somewhat. Being unable to smoke is very stressful, and someone who has never made the choice (a VERY smart choice) not to smoke, is unlikely to understand the craving for this smelley, unhealthy, ugly nicotine addiction. It is much more than a habit. And “quitting” is much easier said than done. I tried many times to quit but the craving always got the best of me. Thank God, I am now a non-smoker with the help of a new medication that does not contain nicotine.

  2. MJ, thanks for your contribution (by the way, we have the same initials *smile*). I have never been a smoker, but the way Antonio laid out the story had me really seeing the frustration in this lady’s situation.

    I can only imagine the stress that’s involved with having a chemical dependency. I get stressed out even a little when I can’t have something sweet! I’ve since replaced the majority of my sweet cravings with fruit and fruit juice, both still laden with sugar, but a different kind of sugar.

    Antonio said he was addicted to coming up with new ideas. He sees how addictions rear their heads regardless of if they appear “ugly” or not.

    Grant it, her behavior could have been prefaced by a lot of other variables that we will probably have no access to.

    I pray that she taps into a continual stream of happiness and satisfaction where she can possibly see another alternative if she so desires.

    Heck, we all kill ourselves slowly everyday while talking about it. We eat microwaved foods. We immerse ourselves in external oscillating magnetic frequencies. Some of us really love McDonald’s french fries *clearing throat*. Many of us don’t get long or deep enough sleep. We inhale toxins in our immediate environment (dust mites, carbon monoxide from fuel exhaust), we create tons of trash every year… I mean the list is endless….. smoking is just another and possibly quicker way to kill ourselves.

    But let’s focus on living. Let us concentrate on ways that we can live a more prosperous, joyous, valuable, productive, harmonious life regardless of the vices that the human body may hold onto at times.

    Spiritual evolution is always an individual journey. As connected as we all are, the timing for this type of transformation happens at different intervals.

    There’s no need to joke or bash (not saying that’s what Antonio’s intent was) someone who is at a different place in their spiritual evolution. It’s neither good nor bad, just a different place in her own life path.


  3. MJ,

    Good on you that you were able to stop smoking!!! πŸ™‚

    Whereas I don’t ‘judge’ people who smoke, I do have my own personal (unfavorable) opinions about it. I feel that it “most likely” isn’t in alignment with what people say they want for themselves.

    As Morgan so eloquently put it, we all have our ‘vices’ and it’s important that we recognize them to live the life we truly desire.

  4. who died and made you GOD?! what gives you the right to say that smoking is bod for someone an you said so yourself that you have never experience it? If I want to smoke, I should be able to smoke. and without somebody trying to tell me what to do!

  5. Hi Bill,

    No one has to ‘die’ πŸ˜‰

    But seriously, I don’t recall saying that smoking is ‘bad’.

    My thoughts are that people can do WHAT EVER they want… the only thing to consider is if it’s in alignment with what they say they want.

    So, if someone’s goal is to have a happy, healthy body, then smoking isn’t in alignment with that.

    If someone wants to lose weight, eating 2 double cheeseburgers, extra large fries, an apple pie and a diet coke every day isn’t in alignment.

    No one can tell anyone else what to do…it’s all about choices. If a hotel decides they don’t want to allow smoking, you can stay in another hotel.

    However, I do feel we do owe each other the common courtesy of respect.

  6. Antonio you are right about smoking not being in line with what I want for myself – being healthier and a better example for others, especially my grandchildren.

    And Megan commenting the truth that everyone’s spiritual journey is individualized helps me to deal with the tendency to beat myself up about unwise choices I made for myself over the years. Today, I am in a much better spiritual place for many reasons.

    Thank you for your comments.

  7. You self ritcheous tree huggers make me sick. I smoke and i love it. your no better then anybody else. so suck on that!!!!!11

  8. hum, some of my best friends hug trees while they puff away on their ciggies under them πŸ˜‰

    I think the main issue is that the smoker in this story was being nasty to someone who had nothing to do with hotels no smoking policy. As much as I empathize with the smokers frustration, that is no excuse to be rude. As far as I know smokers don’t appreciate being cursed at and shouted at anymore than non smokers, tree huggers or not.

  9. i have to admit i am a smoker myself i have tried a few times to quit n when people say its hrd to quit it reli isnt you just need to wnt to quit bad enuf its just a case of turning off tht little voice in youur head tht says you need to smoke and you need to keep yur self busy while quittin try doing sme cleaning up you might be thinin this is gon mke me want one even more but it wont itl take your mind off it since i started the longest i have quit for is 5 days becouuse at the weekend i go out and all my friends smoke so as you cn tell thats how i strated again but i hve desided tht after these last few im going to quit or at least cut down make it so i try n brake my record between how long the gap is in between πŸ˜€ cant wait πŸ˜€

  10. ok zzzzzzzzz..if that is what you WANT, than power to ya..noone said you shouldn’t smoke. Mearly pointing out that what you want and what you are doing should match. If it does, than GREAT!!

  11. As a smoker I have to “chime” in here!

    Even though I do smoke I try to keep updated on the latest smoking rules. This woman could have simply gone outside to smoke or just go to another hotel that allows smoking!

    She’s just over-stressing herself!

    Smoking is supposed to be relaxing!

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