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I just finished watching an episode of Fat Albert….not the goofy movie that recently came out, but the cartoon show from the 70’s. It’s amazing to see how positive this show is! The episode I watched was named “Lying”… Of course it was about how telling lies can backfire on you. They sang this really cool song that went, “Don’t go telling a lie-ie…mmmm,mmm,mm,mmmm,mmmmm”

Even as an adult, it felt really good watching it. I was having fun, learning my own lessons.

Another show I think is just amazing is The Cosby Show. If you ever wanted to know how to be a parent, this is the show to watch. Some people said they didn’t feel the Cosby Show was ‘real’ because they seemed too “corny”. I totally disagree. The Cosby show had a lot of real life lessons that were really great parenting lessons.

Not to mention, I really loved how Cliff and Claire interacted with each other. That was some REAL love… Funny, a good friend of mine always refers to ‘really good love’ as “that Cosby Love.” And the way she says it…she kinda hums and hugs herself…a real site to see.

The latest from Cosby is now on Nickelodean, another cartoon- “Little Bill”. It?s the colorful version of Psycho-cybernetics! Watch it sometime, and you?ll be amazed at how Cosby?s characters help kids celebrate the every day events. Not just the amazing things that happen in our lives here and there, but the little things that happen every day, and the people we share those things with. In ?Little Bill?s? world, kids can make a difference.

Makes me wonder what’s going on with the cartoons of today.
Anyway, Cosby is THA’ MAN! Good television.

Try some 🙂


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  1. Thats cool man. I myself love watching cartoons too. Though i havent exactly watch fat albert and his buds i can say that you had real fun with em. But the good thing with it is that you can have something to learn and pick from it. You see that talent you have, you can transform cartoons from life changing media!.

  2. I can imagine you man enjoying kiddie tv. How much time do you spend on Cartoon Network? I never know that these little things have something big for each and everyone for us. Well, selectively i believe, these cartoons somewhat forms or develops a childs character and at the same time for thinking adults like us. So from now on, let us think twice before stopping our children from watching em.

  3. That’s the kind of cartoons that we should expose our children to. Nowadays, i see so many violence injected in todays cartoon shows. I wish twas a funny type of violence as what road runner and bugs do to their cruel counterparts, but sadly they are not. But its good to know that cartoons such as that of “Fat Albert” remains, and i hope they will not eradicate those types coz i do really recommend it in everyones home.

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