November 25

Have A Nice Day

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Has anyone ever said to you, “Have a nice day…”

Of course…

What was your response?

If you’re like most people, you probably said, “Thanks, you too…” and went about your way…not putting much thought into it.

Most people say “have a nice day” almost as if they’re wishing you “good luck”. They’re saying it as if it’s some random thing that can either happen or not happen…but have you ever stopped to think that having a nice day can be a choice?

You can choose to have a nice say no matter what’s going on that day. You don’t need any luck, you just have to choose to have a nice day – no matter what the situation.

I’m going to offer you a suggestion or a “request” today:

HAVE (choose) a nice day…

Have A Nice Day


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  1. Having a nice a day is a choice.
    Usually someone would tell us to have a nice day to us but still it’s up to us. Proper mind-setting is also important.
    Just wanted to share you this,
    every morning when i wake up i tell myself that I’m going to have a great day. Guess what, i did=)Thanks

  2. THank’S!!!!!

    The result changes in case of a coincidence into ..idea externals.. desire of the thought thing.

    Person’s feelings cannot attempt how much weight exists.

    However, I wanted you to reach.
    Did I get wounded?
    It was painful.

    However, there is no reaction.
    Response. What do I say?

  3. Exactly! You mind will take you where you want to go/be! FYI…did you know you cannot cry tears and smile at the same time! So the next time you feel like crying and don’t want to – “smile!” πŸ™‚

  4. I say “have a great day” which has a slightly different meaning and I mean it.

    If you dwell too much on if you “mean it” or if those who reply “mean it” you can quickly drift into the opposite meaning.

    So say it, mean it, and move on.

  5. I always say, “Make it a Great Day” as an end to a letter, post, or sometimes on a phone call. It’s a choice, you are so right!

  6. Smile, smile, always start your day with a smile. Tried and tested, it will make you feel good through out the day.
    Life is too wonderful to be wasted on worries.
    So let us make everyday a great day!

  7. When I thought about it, I actually mean- Have a Nice day.. Why not? Live in the now, enjoy the present, and realize you can have a nice day if you choose to.. Life is choice and it’s up to us to deceide if we are going to take life up on that offer.. I am proud to tell each of you to have a nice and wonderful day.- Smile and mean it the other person will feel it and no matter what they are experiencing your response can change their disposition immediately.. So have a nice day. πŸ™‚

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