March 1

Has Your Dog Taken Out A Loan For a Bone?


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bp-dog-boneI love this quote…

“I finally know what distinguishes me from the other beasts: financial worries.” — Jules Renard

Have you ever seen a dog worrying about if he can afford a bone for dinner…?

Probably not

Some people habitually worry about money…people with money worry about losing it… and people with none worry about how to get it. And yet what does worrying achieve other than attracting the very things you fear? (and stressing you out???)

Every single living creature roaming this Earth (except humans) know that things are going to be okay… and they usually are. Even a gazelle doesn’t “worry” about a lion…until the lion is right there….chasing him. A dog doesn’t worry if you’re going to pet him or not…he just patiently waits until you either pet him (or not.)

And no animal worries about bills, finances, or anything like that. Just us.


What does this tell us?

Something to think about.

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  1. “And no animal worries about bills, finances, or anything like that. Just us.


    What does this tell us?”

    ..that we should be animals?! (lol)Well, in structure we are. We just had this higher level of consciousness than them.
    We think and analyze and decide. And that’s the hard part because our mind is the battleground of a thousand conflicting ideas. Like deciding on which to focus. I’ll say we need to focus more on the “what we want to happen” than “what demise is going on” if we’re in a not-so-good situation. Really keep on holding to that thought. That gets us to attract ideal outcomes. This is one interesting post, but like what Stephanie says, it’s kinda hanging..Post more. Thanks.

  2. I’m glad I found this post when I did! I’m going through a financial problem now – a big one! and I know that this isn’t the way that I should be looking at it!

    I like your “reminder” message that said think of what you have to do as being easy and it will be so!

    I know that I have to focus and continue to focus on the solution and not the problem which is what I am doing!

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