June 22

Make Yourself Comfortable…or not


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Your Comfort Zone

– Antonio


Personal Development

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  1. I needed to hear this, and I’m glad you posted this today. I have been creating a lot of stress for myself because I’ve been avoiding dealing with a lot of new responsibilities in my job. A lot of the things I’m doing are outside my comfort zone, especially with me working with people in high end industries (fashion, TV, luxury travel, etc).

    I was afraid that I wouldn’t come off as professional enough and I created a lot fear in my life. But now I know I needed the stress in order to learn that I’m creating control and that my feelings are only temporary.

    Now I feel better because I know that everything will be easy from now on, because I’m creating a learning curve.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. i have seen the movie the secrets i have the law of attraction by ester and jerry hicks but antonio your think-banc make more sense to me i still have problem staying focus with every-day life always around me

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