May 21

Great News! My Assistant Just Quit!

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I’ve got some great news… My assistant just quit.

Here’s why it was good news…
[youtube eSb-L_KF52s]

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  1. Antonio, I’ve watched this video five times because the message is so important!

    In my last company, there was no structure and plenty of fear of the unknown. Little did I realize that my old job was a reflection of my past state of being. But then I started to make clear intentions and take inspired action, I was led to my present job. At this company the management is HUGE on the Law of Attraction and personal development. In fact, every employee has a copy of The Secret!

    From this video, I have learned that I must consistently pay attention to the type of energy and intentions I put out. This way I’ll improve my habit of positive expectancy and will experience the richness of life more often.

    Thanks again for the message!

  2. Hey Ton

    I hear you man. It is a easy thing to fall into “Why Me” But this is the deal ! When you can take something thats bring you down, and
    turn it into something up lifting. You know the true Secret !
    Keep up the good work !

  3. Let’s get on with the show!
    I ‘ve got alot of stuff happening and this is great inspiration for me. Lately I’m running on a lower frequency.
    I’ve manifested an idea that has been in development for the past year and I’m soon to launch, “”.

    I need your inspiration to help pull me through.


  4. Hi Antonio,

    I am new to your site and your blog but I “heard” something you said in this You Tube post that I felt compelled to share with you. You were talking about the person, he or she, that you may hire as your new assistance. You made the comment that when this person come to work “for “ you and things will be better. A slight mind shift of having this person working “with” you instead of “for” you will help forge a partnership that I feel you need with this person to fulfill what you are attracting. Love your site and look forward to manifesting prosperity and right thinking together.

    Take Care


  5. Hello Antonio,

    First time to your site and what a great message from this video. Knowing to consistently pay attention will reflect on the type of energy and intentions I put out. I will definitely improve my habits. Looking forward to the positive experience the richness of life will offer.



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