November 13

Go…Get Set…On Your Mark

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Funny huh…

That’s how backwards I’ve been doing things for my entire life.

From birth, unless you’re a child of Law Of Attraction practicing parents, we’re taught to work hard to achieve the things we want in life.

We’re taught to:

DO this thing (like work really hard in business or a job)
so we can HAVE this stuff (like money and cars, etc)
then I can BE happy

Which is totally backwards.

By all means, you can get the things you want in life by going at it this way, But this is just like running up the “down” escalator – you can get to the top of the stairs, but it’s about 100 times the work.

I have to admit, I was the same way. Even to the point where it seriously impacted my health and I almost lost my life. I was working at one of locations for the beeper company I owned in the early 90’s. I remember talking to Sean and something funny, then the next thing I remember was waking up in in the hospital.Apparently I’d passed out due to severe malnutrition and rest. A direct result of the “hard work” I thought it took to run a company.

You’d think I would have learned my lesson. I was “good” for a little while,but after a few months, I was back to running myself in the ground… I was addicted to working myself to the bone – your typical workaholic.

I’ve since learned my lesson, but it’s amazing to see others doing now…it just brings back those same thoughts of when I was going through my workaholic days. I’m just thankful that I can share my experiences with others to help them avoid the same fate.

A good friend/client of mine does this to himself anytime we have a project. He’ll say things like “man I’m going to have to burn it at both ends this weekend…” or “I’m going to bust my butt tonight…” or” I’m going to really hit it hard…”

So I just stop him and say, “Hey, it’s not that serious… Life is easy. Stop making it so hard on yourself. We’re going to do our best and things are going to work out fine. And the funny thing is…they always do.

The fastest and easiest way to create the things you want in life are to BE the state you want FIRST, then the things necessary to maintain that state will come to you. Easily and effortlessly.

A lot of people ask me. “What did you DO to make $100K in a week?”

I have to be honest and say that it really wasn’t anything special. I put a conference call series together – that’s it. The thing I have to give the credit to was my being. I was thinking, acting and feeling like a millionaire. Nothing else.

I didn’t do anything differently in the past. I’ve done conference call series that didn’t make anywhere near that amount…the only difference was my attitude.

Being is what truly creates…not doing. Doing is just a byproduct of being.

First comes Being, then Thinking, then Speaking, then Action (Doing). That’s the natural flow of creation. Focusing on your being actually creates exponentially more than anything you can do…because ‘being’ signals the Universe to put into motion the people, resources or information you need to manifest your desires. And it happens in such a way that the necessity for doing becomes less and less.

Think about it. The Universe is so much more vast and powerful than we are. Nothing is ‘hard’ for the Universe to do. So why not let the Universe do the “heavy” lifting?

Will there be some action required on your part? Of course, but it’s NOT going to be arduous, stressful, frustrating or “hard”. It’s going to be easy and feel good to you. You’ll “know” it’s the right thing to do.
As I said you can do it the hard way, but that’s up to you.
If you ever catch yourself ‘making life hard’, just stop, slow down and allow the Universe to create for you.


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  1. You are so right! You only have one life – it’s not worth burning yourself out. I think of life as a race, those who start hard and strong are usually out of breath and endurance half way through.

  2. Very insightful: Life doesn’t just “get hard” for people. Folks allow life to get hard. I’ve recently come to terms with that fact that I’m a workaholic (Hi. I’m Horace and I’m a workaholic). It’s time to relax and enjoy life.

  3. Great post Antonio! Most people work so hard to obtain material things – but they never even have time to enjoy them because they’re always working.

  4. “Being is what truly creates?not doing.” — Great point! “Being” is the starting point to everything. Thinking comes next, and then – like your post states: doing. There’s an entires system going, here. It’s worked for ages. Why break the cycle now?

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