February 11

G=G (part 1)

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In my journey on this path to enlightenment, I’ve found one formula that has consistently remained true in creating a happy fulfilled life:


Giving equals getting.

Seems like the more I give, the more I get. Additionally, it doesn’t matter where I give, somehow, some way, the ‘giving’ always comes back. I could give time at a non-profit, then I get a check in the mail. I give love to my friends, then I win a contest.

It’s amazing but “expected”.

When I give, I EXPECT to get things in return. Now that may seem to go against popular thought…but it’s in perfect alignment with the Law of Attraction. If you give without the expectation of getting in return, that’s exactly what you’ll get…nothing in return.

However, I DO NOT expect to get back from the place where I’ve given. I don’t give to my friends and expect them to give back to me…that’s stingy.

But I do expect the universal flow to return the giving energy I put out…because that’s the nature of how the Law works.

I give with the understanding that energy is never created nor destroyed, and as such, the energy I give HAS to come back to me – it’s the Law.

Practical Application

1) Give freely and generously…it doesn’t matter what. It could be your time, money, clothing, love, etc

2) Expect that the energy of your giving will be returned to you…not from the place or person to whom you’ve given, but from the Divine Universal Flow.

You’ll be amazed at what starts showing up in your life.


Law Of Attraction, Practical Application

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  1. Hi Antonio,

    Great post! I’m a life coach and I specialize in the Law of Attraction. I’ve written numerous posts and articles on giving. I love your G=G formula and your angle on giving with the expectation of getting because of your understanding of the universal flow.

    I’ve always said, learn to give with no expectation of anything in return because in “giving” you express the energy of “having”. Thus, because like attracts like, the Universe gives you back more of the experience of “having.”

    I think the ability to expect and trust in the flow is all about non-attachment. You give, you expect, yet you are not attached to how it comes back to you. Thanks for your perspective. Good food for thought.

    Sonia Miller

  2. Great article, I am new to blogging and to LOA but have always been a disciple of Psycho-Cybernetics which was a forerunner to LOA. Visit my new blog if you have the chance. would love your feedback and/or advice. Rick

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