December 27

I Will Survive!

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Got a quick thought to share…A couple of days ago I was at a the Kafe K?benhavn restaurant in the Hyatt in Atlanta. [[OH MY GOODNESS]] they had THE BEST broccoli and cheese soup!!!


Sorry, got a little distracted 🙂

Anyway, as I was enjoying this incredible soup, I overheard the lady at the table next to mine say, “I’m in survival mode right now…”

The guy she was talking to affectionately replies, “Yeah…I know survival mode. I’ve been in survival mode for the last 18 years.”

That was just amazing to me.

I can’t deny, I’ve been there before, but it was never a good feeling. And I could only imagine how it would feel over a time frame of 18 years, how that would seriously impact your psyche.

It made ask, “How do you stay in survival mode

My thought is that survival mode begets more of survival mode, which begets more of survival mode. And when you’re in survival mode, you’ll think about your survival mode and you’ll attract people who are in survival mode so you can talk about your survival mode and share your survival mode stories….and guess what…?

You’ll have more of survival mode.

Ok. So what do you do?

There comes a time when the cycle has to be broken. You have to chose to get out of survival mode…(despite your circumstances)
And from my experience, it can only be broken one of two ways:

1) by you,

2) by someone else.

So, here’s the deal, you can sit around and wait for someone to hand you something (a handout) that could give you the ‘lucky break’ you need to get out of survival mode or you can decide that you are not going to support a survival mode anymore and be in a “success mode.

Think about the things your want, think about the things place you want to be. Imagine yourself doing and being in the place you want to be…not in the place you’re in.

What’s your choice?

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  1. I was doing a little research on the law of attraction, and came upon some information I found quite interesting. Thought I’d share it here.

    The LOA is one of the forty laws of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, first brought to the attention of the science community by John Keely in the late nineteenth century.

    Law of Attraction

    “Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in unison, or harmonic ration, are mutually attracted.”

    Though this law is intended to describe behavior of physical objects on a subatomic level, we take a bit of a leap and extrapolate that the same principle applies to the subject of personal growth. By maintaining a mindset that would seem to (or at least, we hope) vibrate “in unison, or harmonic ration” to that which we want in life, we tend to attract it. Not such a huge stretch.

    Though the principles of SVP were (and remain) controversial, I found a law which correlates to LOA that sheds even more light on how vibration affects the things in your life.

    Law of Repulsion

    “Juxtaposed coherent aggregates vibrating in discord are mutually repelled.”

    This adds quite a bit of urgency, in my opinion, to the notion of controlling your thoughts, feelings, and by extension, your life. In a similar extrapolation as was used on LOA, we can presume that being in vibrational discord with what you want in life does not just decrease your chance of getting it, it actually repels it away from you.

    Yikes. Better get a hold of those thoughts of yours and whip them into shape. Right now.

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