December 20

Eating Cake

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We’ve all heard the quote, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too…”

Question: Why not?

Why would anyone want a cake that they couldn’t eat?

Maybe it’s just me, but as far as I know, cake is for eating. Am I missing something?

I think the person who said that was coming from a severely limited point of view.

However, I’ve come to know that this kind of limited thinking can negatively impact the results you get in life.

When someone has the ‘I can’t have it all’ thought in their head, that becomes their reality.

By believing they can only have a select number of opportunities, or positive experiences, they are limiting the number they will allow the universe to give them, effectively cutting out other possible experiences or opportunities.

That’s essentially saying, “No thanks, no more good stuff for me, take it to someone else. My life just can’t handle any more good times or experiences…”

That’s totally confusing to me!

This limited mindset will cause them to have to choose between things instead of being able to enjoy all the fruits that are on the tree of life.

Life is short, why would you want to limit yourself when it comes to the things you can enjoy and experience?

Practical Application

Instead of “ You can’t have your cake and eat it too…” you should be thinking “I can have all the cakes in the bakery and enjoy every bite!” …as long as I exercise afterwards 🙂

By removing a limiting mentality, you will notice more opportunities are available to you, and you will be able to grab on to them, learn and grow from them.


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  1. Maybe the quote has been changed from: “You baked a cake for someone else, gave it to them… and then wanted to eat all of it yourself….”…in this case, it wouldn’t be nice to try to have your cake (the one you made for someone else) and eat all of it too (then it’s like you didn’t give it to them….)

    –just a thought to spin the quote.


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