November 8

Here's How To Easily Create The Millionaire Mindset

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Buy the things you know you have to buy like a millionaire.

When I go shopping for things I must buy…like toilet paper, fruit, paper towels, cleaners, etc… I “buy them like a millionaire”. I grab the one I want, completely disregarding the price and move on.

I’ve totally stopped getting the store brand items (if there’s a difference in the quality). I started getting what I wanted – period. Not the best bargain, not the lowest cost…I got what I wanted. And here’s the funny thing: I found that my grocery bill ONLY increased by about 9% (about $25 per month).

WHOA…a whopping 25 bucks! Just think…I’m getting exactly what I want and I’m creating the millionaire mindset at the same time…AND it’s only costing a measly 25 bucks.
Now I don’t mean to minimize the fact that there are people who are on a budget and $25 per month is a lot of money.
But you don’t have to do it to that extreme – ALWAYS stay within your means. But you can start with the small things and build from there.

The most important thing is to capture and relish in the feeling of being a millionaire when you’re shopping.

One of the things I was most proud of is the fact that I’m getting further and further away from looking at the prices. Just recently I went to Target and bought 29 items and I only looked at the price of 3…and that was because the price tag was blaring at me.

Again…….I’m not encouraging you to go and splurge on things you don’t need and I’m not encouraging you to spend significantly more than you can afford… but I am saying “live a little”.

Even if it’s only one item…get the upgrade – if it’s what you want.

WARNING: Do not do this if you’re just going to worry about how you’re going to afford the extra 19 cents for the ‘good’ peas you just bought. You’re totally defeating the purpose when you worry like this. You have to get the peas with the knowing that the Universe wants you to have the good peas and will provide the means to make it happen.

Here’s an example of how NOT to do it…

I went shopping with a friend and we spent about 10 minutes going back and forth between the dozen cookies for $2.99 or the 30 cookies for $3.50. Okay, obviously the 30 cookies were the better bargain, but what are we talking about here 51 cents? So, let’s do the math on this…

The dozen cookies at $2.99 equals 25 cents per cookie.

And the 30 cookies at $3.50 equal 12 cents per cookie so we save 13 cents per cookie. And the difference between 30 cookies and a dozen is 18 cookies. So 18 cookies at 13 cents each equals $2.34. So, $3.50 minus the “savings” of $2.34 equals $1.16

Whew… all that math tires me out.

So, considering your “time worth”, 10 minutes of walking back and forth and calculating “savings” worked out to about .11 cents per minute or $6.60 per hour.

I’m happy to say that I make WAY more than $6.60 per hour and I’m sure most millionaires do to.

ARRGGHH!! Just buy the freakin’ cookies already.

Here’s the MAGIC OF IT ALL…

Since I starting “buying like a millionaire”, spending $25 more per month…I’ve gotten 2 new clients (out of nowhere) and a new project that’s bringing in about 500 times that amount.

The universe will give you what you put out there. All the time…every time


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  1. Err… I’m not really that good in Math, but I guess I’ll have to try shopping like you did and not the person you were with.? 🙂

  2. Antonio, you are just amazing. You really know how to untangle the strings in our minds. You are definitely a gift. Thanks so much for this story. It really helps. This will help me not go back and forth between a poverty mindset and millionaire mindset. Your story assures me to stay away from my fearful (poverty) mindset.

  3. Hey James!!!

    Always great hearing from you. I’m glad you liked it. I really do appreciate your words. I mentioned before that the times I feel like no one cares about what I’m saying, I get a message like this. Thanks!

    Sometimes you’ll find that the ‘poverty mentality’ tries to creep back in every now and then, mainly because of our upbringing and beliefs. So focusing on what you want and not on what you don’t want will bring it to you so much faster.

    Thanks for the comment

  4. Antonio,

    I’ve been studying all aspects of the Law of Attraction for about 2 years now. I read and/or listen to something every single day and my list includes all of the greats and classics. I generally feel as though I have a pretty good handle on my thoughts and mind set. Then, I read this post. I realized that I was full of the poverty mind set today as my wife and I went to a new grocery store. I think I looked at just about every items price! I have been buying store brands for years just to save a few pennies. My wife, bless her, has been saying all along that we should just buy the products we want and not worry about the price. So thanks for the article and the reality check. I have just been given a healthy dose of “practice wheat you preach.”



  5. I just wanted to thank you for posting this! It’s always very helpful for me to see specific examples of how one uses the law of attraction to work for them. And this is something that I will try myself the next time I go shopping!

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