November 25

Do You "Deserve" A Million Dollars?

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This just hit me a few moments ago…

Millionaire Mind Intensive

Do you want a million dollars or some other outrageous amount of money? Do want a phenomenal mate Let me ask you this: Do you deserve it?

Well, on a ‘spiritual’ level, yes, you do… but do you emotionally deserve it?

For example: Lottery winners. 95% of lottery winners are in a worse financial situation a year after they won the lottery.


Because they still have a broke person’s mentality. I talk about this more in my snap back post…but here’s my point.

Think about this…

You may be sitting there, working on manifesting a million dollars but with the same mindset you have now.

You know what I think? this is huge…I think this is one of the reasons why you may not be getting the things you want. If you aren’t ready for what you’re visualizing, the Universe knows this and may not bring you what you want because you may feel you don’t deserve it, you may not be able to handle it, or even being afraid of getting it on a subconscious level.

So, don’t focus on the money…focus on the mindset. The millionaire mindset. Visualize being a millionaire instead of visualizing a million dollars.

If you desire to be in a great relationship, visualize being a great partner instead of having a mate…

Do this in all areas of your manifestation and I know the things you desire will come so much faster.

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  1. Well. I may think that i deserve a million dollars or even more. Lol. I am just basing it on my plans. I am not thinking of being a millionaire for one’s self, but i am thinking of having the money to share, give and help those who need it. I may sound like a hypocrite but it really is true. But because that million still didnt came, i am thinkin that i can still help with the little things that i can.

  2. It made me think. While i hate to admit that i dont deserve it for some personal reasons, i must say that i need that money. Lol. Well, who doesnt?! About that lottery thing, if i’ll win, and being the person I am now. I think i can already handle it. Well ive gone to some storms in my life and so i shouldnt have any reasons to allow that amount of wealth to slip in my hands. Gotta put a hard grip on it!

  3. “Fortune Cookies”

    I opened the 1st fortune cookie and it said, “You will stumble into the path that will lead to happiness.” I opened the 2nd one and it said, “You will stumble into the path that will lead to happiness.” Coincidence? On the back of each fortune cookie is a lucky 5 + 1 lotto number equaling 6 digits. All though each fortune cookie has the same fortune, the lucky lotto numbers are different.I know the difference between coincidence and providence and decide that I will play the lucky numbers and see what happens, just for fun.Before playing those numbers a thought comes into my head….”What if I play the same number “TWICE” and should I win I can just give my daughter one winning ticket and then keep one for myself.” Keep in mind that it was just a “THOUGHT”. So I go to the store to play the numbers on two seperate betting slips, each slip having a different number.The clerk who has no conscience idea of my “THOUGHT” enters the betting slips into the machine and I give her $2.00. I check the slips before leaving the store and much to my amazmement the clerk had entered one betting slip twice and did not enter the two seperate slips.I now have two seperate slips with the same lucky lotto number on each slip. Coincidence? I then asked the clerk to please enter the other slip that she had “MISTAKENLY” did not place into the lotto machine and she does. She has no idea what had just happened and much to my amazement I cannot believe what had just happened either but I have to because I have just witnessed my thoughts become a reality right before my very own eyes.Did I win the mega-million jackpot as I had hoped? Well not really but what did happen was very strange indeed! I not only hit the first number and the mega-number on both tickets but I actually did win twice for $3.00 on each ticket! So was it all just a coincidence? The 1st number was “4”& the mega-million number was “44”. Together in a pattern they come to 444 which by the way is in a code that I know very well called “English Gematria”. Also this 444 is found in the Bible , in 1 Kings Ch 18 Vs 33-34 “ELIJAH” the only TRUE prophet of GOD asks that 4 jars of water placed over the sacrifice 3 times, equaling 444 and in Revelation Ch 7 Vs 1. 4 Angels , 4 Corners of the Earth, and 4 Winds of the Earth.Where does all this lead to, GOD? Perhaps one of the ways that GOD can communicate with us is like this without breaking the rules he has set in motion that can often be called “FAITH” and not by what is see.Will I play the same numbers on the lotto tomorrow? Hahaha, you better believe it and should it be in GOD’S will for me to do so I believe that I will win, not because I believe that I am deserving of it but because GOD believes that there is a purpose for me to win.What ever the purpose sould be I only pray that I please GOD and not my own selfish desires. I shall await and see and keep in touch. ~God Bless You~ Remember this………..
    “Jesus is the reason for the Season” Merry Christmas” What do you believe? Sincerely,
    J.C. 🙂
    12/17/07 @7:47 P.M.

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