January 3

Declarations For 2008

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I’ve gotten a few questions about what my “new years resolutions” are – I don’t have any. While I don’t call them ‘resolutions’ I do have some intentions I’m declaring.

I’ll share a couple from the 5 areas of a ‘whole life’ living:

Health Declarations

  • Gain 11 pounds of lean muscle mass by June
  • Eliminate dairy entirely by May

Business Declarations

  • Relaunch Double A Dollar for my new website in February (along with the Thinkbanc subscribers who want to participate)
  • By Dec, make 4 times what I’m making now working 12 hours per week

Spiritual Declarations

  • Meditate at least 15 mins for 325 days this year
  • Read SOM daily

Relationship Declarations

  • Have dinner at a new restaurant with at least one friend every week
  • Spend 2 days per month with my god-daughter

Personal Declarations

What are you declaring for 2008?

Practical Application
Be sure you WRITE THEM DOWN!!! Not into a computer (at first)…write them on a sheet of paper, then copy them to your computer if you like. Please don’t under estimate the power of writing things down. This help you from many perspectives. Here are a few:

  1. When you write things down, you’re stimulating the creative part of the brain in a way that typing can’t.
  2. Writing things down frees your brain up for a higher level of thinking… “Remembering” isn’t the best use of your brain.
  3. From a metaphysical perspective – when you write your intentions, you can liken this to the ‘first’ physical manifestation of your intention. This is the first time your thought ‘appears’ in the physical universe.

There are several others, but I think you get the point.

Also, share your intentions with as many people as possible. The more the better. Your intention becomes more ‘real’ this way.

Here’s to what you want to create in ’08!



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  1. thanks for sharing your declarations. I have a question, I don’t talk about the things I want to do because I always get negative reactions and questions that I don’t want to hear. How do you deal with that?

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