September 13

Crime DOES Pay…


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I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Crime Doesn’t Pay…” Well, The Universe says it does…

EVERY action has an equal and opposite reaction. Every Cause has an effect – EVERY ONE!

Even crime.

So, what’s the payoff?

That depends on the energy put into the Universe to commit the crime in the first place. If the energy of the crime was lack, then the payoff is more lack in that person’s life.

Let’s take an example of the guy who thinks he needs more “stuff” but his belief is that he ‘can’t afford it’ so he steals money and stuff he wants… His belief is coming from a place of lack.

So, as that energy comes back to him…he may not be able to find ‘love’ or not ‘get ahead’…even the possibility of getting caught and arrested. Giving him the energy of lack he’s emitted from before.

For those who use fear as their energy to commit crime, it will come back to them as well. Those criminals who terrorize their victims and like to see fear in their eyes as they commit their crimes often do so because they are full of fear themselves. It is their attempt to show they have power.

Imagine someone who is so full of fear they are using that as a weapon. Even before they are caught, they live every day in fear of being captured, in fear of someone being more powerful than they are.

Once they are caught, that fear is even more realized than they imagined. They will be put in a situation where they have no control, and where likely some of the others they are jailed with, also like to show their power, and will bring all the personal fears to life.

Even when criminals are not caught that negative energy they are using to commit their crimes is still a part of their life. It could be manifested in negative things that happen to them, or their own feelings of sadness that they may not even realize are being brought on by their own actions.

While it may be frustrating to think that there are many criminals out in the world who have and continue to get away with their crimes, you should find solace in knowing that the energy they have put out to commit those crimes is indeed out in the universe and it is waiting to circle back.

Whatever energy you put out is what will be paid back. The more forceful it is put out there it will come back. While we use this for positive energy and to have positive results in our lives, it works the same for negative energy.

When it comes to criminals, while there may not be an immediate return of negative energy to them, it will eventually happen, and they will reap what they’ve sown.


Law Of Attraction

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  1. nice post i have some quesion to ask
    what about nessiscary evil sometime we need to do ?
    what if i commited crime from a point that punish bad guy .?like i steal some from someone who steal from others ? did i get paid back with negative result as well ?

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