December 1

Change Your Reality Like You Change Your Clock

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Some time ago, Daylight Savings Time was done a little different, every Sunday, clocks were shifted every twenty minutes. There wasn’t the hour shift as we’re doing today.

They didn’t even think about the countries and the cities that don’t participate in Daylight Savings Time. Nothing changes for those who do not participate, but it does change for the people who do.

What do you we get from this idea? You see, there is the idea or understanding that you can create your reality just as easily as you can change your clock one hour forward or backward.

People create their own realities because they agree to it. People agreed to use the same language, street names, and education system. The moment people agree to a common thing, that particular thing becomes the reality.

If you need permission, I’m granting you permission right now to change your life to whatever it is you desire. But really, do we need permission to change our clocks forward and backward?

Look at this way: somebody suggested the idea for daylight savings time. A few people liked the idea. Then a few more liked it. Then, everyone came to say, “Yeah, hey, we like this idea. We’re going to do it.”

There’s no reason why you can’t do the same thing and change your reality for the better.


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  1. Once again, What a wonderful post Antonio!
    I think it implies to me as getting out of my comfort zone.
    But I’m out of my shell now.
    I should change my reality for the best.Ciao

  2. lovely idea, 20 minute shifts, shows us how time can be played with, and I love the imagery of changing reality as easily as changing the clocks, the more we do that at the leading edge the more the collective will play. Look at the new movies and TV programs coming out like Flash Forward…

  3. I can change my life what ever i desire? That sounds great!
    Time to say goodbye to my messed-up life. What a wonderful post!Thanks..

  4. The world is full of changes,
    if you are not willing to change you’ll be left.
    Change for the better and for the benefit of yourself.
    Thanks Antonio!

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