November 17

Cause And Effect: What You See…


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An interesting look at cause and effect…illustrated by an iceberg.

What we see in our physical universe represents only 1% of creation. 99% of ‘creation’ happens in the unseen.


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  1. Antonio,
    Great video!!! I really like the use of the Iceberg to demonstrate the reality of cause and effect. Besides, whoever took that picture is one heck of a photographer as well. I would love to have it on my wall. But thats another tangent. I am reminded of the complexities of people themselves when I see that. I have always followed astrology and agree that it can tell alot about a person, but only a basic root of a person. Other factors determine who that person is like upbringing, life experiences, preferences, etc… and that is the part that is not seen from outside. One can never tell based on what sign, race, look, etc.. what is going on inside of someone else as far as what one might be seeing. In a spin from an old cliche, just because the dvd jacket looks good does mean the storyline is. Thanks again Antonio. Keep up the positives!!

  2. Very true, Antonio!
    We are taught in church to live in the spirit and trust in the Lord for he is Almighty and whatever we ask for in prayer, things which nobody could give or provide, can be realized with God.
    That’s from my Christian point of view.

  3. Amazing Antonio!
    Where do you get all your thoughts? Everything you said is so true, people choose to see what they want to see.
    Sadly, majority of us only lives in the physical world.
    We prefer to be wealthy in this world, we don’t see that there’s a much bigger world. A world where we can’t bring anything we have and achieved in the physical world.

  4. I fully agree with u on this..I can see this play out in my everyday life with my kids…It’s kind of like the energies around us, it plays a big part of everything;even though u don’t see them “hint”. the iceberg analogy was a good one. Now hopefully others can also see how this theroery(?) works in other ways… Thanks! 🙂

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