I wanted to talk to today about self limiting beliefs… and where they come from. I’ve mentioned before that our beliefs were formed when we were kids. I have also said that those beliefs can change at any time in our lives. Those changes usually happen because we grow and we experience life, our influences broaden and we make changes subconsciously.

Here though… I want to talk about the beliefs that are deep rooted… the ones that pop up and surprise us. Even myself, I was brought up in a primarily Christian home, and I still have a lot of Christian beliefs, (and I have to emphasize and specify that I have a lot of limiting Christian beliefs) that still pop up every now and then. I’m not saying that Christianity is a limiting religion. We’ll leave that for a whole other discussion.

But there are a lot of interpretations of various aspects of the Christian religion that I do feel can limit a person. I know that I can say it has limited me. As I said, a lot of these beliefs will resurface every now and then, and I have to catch myself and say, “Oh my gosh, that’s not what I want to create for myself. Yes, I was taught that when I was younger. But wow, that is not what I want to create for myself. I want to create ____.” And I shift my focus to that.
Again, this is someone who’s done 20 years of this type of work, not only on myself, but I’ve been teaching others as well. I still have belief systems that are just latent, that just come blasting out every now and then. It just kind of throws me for a loop.

It is these latent beliefs that we have to catch on change. Catching it once is not going to be enough. This is a process that we have to work on a daily basis, putting the positive influence there. Realizing that our old way of thinking can still creep in and throw off all of the good, new, positive work we have been doing on ourselves.

Anyway, I just want you to walk away from reading this post and not be discouraged, and not be frustrated, but actually be encouraged to know that you can make any shift you want. You can make any change and shift your paradigm to anything you want. The thing that I want to put out here as a suggestion, as a recommendation of making this process easier for you, is to not expect it overnight. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself grace and recognize that just because you watched the secret last week or last month or even last year doesn’t mean that you’re going to be a millionaire this year. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to have all of these things just showing up.

Now things will start happening quickly because there may be some areas that you were able to shift very, very quickly. But in those other areas that may be a little more deeply-rooted than others, give yourself grace. Be kind to yourself and love yourself. Give yourself the time that you may need to shift from one place to another. This will benefit you on so many levels.


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  1. Hi Anthony, this a great article and a very important issue. So many people are out there operating on the assumption that if they are thinking positive thoughts what they want will manifest, not realizing that nothing in their life will change unless they discover their liming beliefs and work on removing them.

    Do you have a prefered method for emilinating negative beliefs? I like to use EFT.

  2. Hey Anthony:

    I too was brought up in a Christian home and was indoctrinated with limiting “Christian beliefs.” In 2006, after I first saw The Secret, so much of what I did not understand about life (thru a Christian perspective) began to make sense.

    I have had to really work at changing my limiting beliefs (poverty mindset) about money. It has taken a series of small victories where I manifest larger and larger amounts of money before I built the “faith” to know that I can do it.

    I would share that IT DOES WORK!!! I have now reached a point where money is not an issue anymore – I just have plenty of it.

    I have started my own personal development website, like you, because I strongly believe in the concept of karma. I feel like I have an obligation to pass it on to others.

  3. I’ve written about this recently on my own blog. It’s something that many would prefer not to hear, but while there are beautiful examples of the Law of Attraction at work in the Bible, there are some aspects of New Testament Christianity which fly in the face of, for instance, the pursuit of financial abundance.

    Thanks for the article.

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