November 27

Be "Cause"

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If you’ve ever received an email from me you’re probably familiar with my signature at the bottom

Be Sure

Be Safe,


Be… cause.

Some asked me about the ‘be cause’ statement and what I meant by it.

Well here’s the short explanation:

You create your reality. You are “at cause” for the “effects” in your life.

So, you have two choices, you can cause negative effects or positive effects.

Every time you are confronted with a situation or decision to make, what you choose will fit into those categories.

Many people think there is a third category, which is remaining neutral. But staying in place is being stagnant. If you think about stagnant water, it’s a place where negative things are allowed to grow and breed. You should always be moving forward.

You want to be in the positive category in everything you do. This may seem like a huge undertaking. That’s because it is.

While it’s easy enough to stay positive when things are going well, when hard balls are flying at you it’s always difficult to be strong and positive. This is where a proper mindset comes into play.

If you have trained yourself to always look for the positive, you will be better able to overcome these hurdles.

Even better is you can be the cause of your own happiness and success. When the world around you seems stagnant, if you have a ‘Be Cause’ mindset, you can use that mindset to manifest new opportunities and experiences that will help you create and enjoy a more positive future.

In order to have the right mindset to be cause in your life, you may need a little self-development boost. I’ve used Plus Kits, and their variety of self-development CD’s which can help you help your brainwaves.


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  1. The reason why people try to stay on what they think is the neutral side, is that they don’t want to take sides at the moment resulting to offended parties. But being in this state doesn’t do any good either. We have to make choices, tough decisions. In spite of it being tough, be assured that what you did was the right decision. Not the good decision. Good and right are two very distinct things. Just my two cents…Great post, Antonio.

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