December 24

Be Careful, Meditation Can Be Harmful

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Why do people meditate? It’s because they need to relax or feel better. But you have to be careful, though, as meditation or visualization can also do you harm.

Meditation takes you back to a more relaxed state. During this state of relaxation people often times misuse it. They think about the wrong things when they meditate, so they end up feeling worse than they did before meditating.

Meditating With The Wrong Thoughts

When you ask some people, they say that they meditate because they are angry and they want to relax. This is entirely wrong. The moment you meditate while you are angry, you are actually creating more of that particular feeling – so you end up feeling worse.

Instead, bring yourself to a state where you do not have any negative emotions. When you reach that point of feeling, only then should you start meditating.

Stay Free Of Negativity

The things you do while you are in a particular mood or state creates that same emotion. So when you feel negatively while you visualize or meditate, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to bring positivity in your life.

You have to know how to let go and get yourself on the positive side of life. When you finally reach that, use meditation to further heighten your positive mood and attract all you desire.


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  1. So true. Based on my experience, whenever I try to meditate and negative thoughts try to invade my mind, I immediately shake it off. I can’t relax with negative energy lurking inside me. So what I try to do is to think of the happiest moment I ever had, or I imagine myself in a place surrounded by flowers where it is so peaceful and all I can hear is the sweet breeze of the afternoon.
    That’s what I call perfect relaxation!

  2. Meditation can be harmful?
    I have a formula for that.
    Meditation – negative energy + positive energy = Perfect Relaxation. =)smile…

  3. Alot say they do but I think the majority are bullshitters. When I was in the Marines every one and their dad was crying PTSD and all they did was sit on base. They didnt do a damn thing. So for the people who actually do have it, it takes time and money away from them just so the fakers can get it easy.

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