June 6

Attracting Wealth: Don't Feel Bad About Paying Your Bills

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Sitting down and writing checks for bills is generally not a pleasant experience. You’ve worked hard to get the money you have in your account, and now you watch the balance dwindle with each check you write.

But feeling bad about sending your money away is not going to help you attract wealth. Your dominant vibration will be about losing your money, so you’ve got to find a way to look at the situation positively.

First of all, you can feel good about the fact that you are able to make the payment. At least you’re getting the payment out of the way – you won’t owe the money any longer.

Think about the good things that will be done with your money:

The people who work for the electric company will be getting paid. Don’t think about the big guys at the top, who you may believe are making too much money anyway.

Consider the woman working as a secretary, or the guy who has to go out in terrible weather to fix power lines so that you won’t freeze. These people will use your money to buy their food and pay their bills.

They will then spend their money at a local restaurant, and the people who work there will now have money to buy things that they need. Imagine all the good that comes from the money that you are putting into the system.

Be positive about spending money, and you’ll be in a much better position to attract more wealth to yourself.


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  1. Great post! A few years ago, taking Louise Hay’s advice, I started giving thanks when paying my bills. I was thankful that creditors trusted me enough to extend services to me, and thankful that I always had more than enough money to pay them.

    And I think it’s okay to think about the guys at the top of the companies making all that big money. After all, they clearly believe they deserve that wealth, which is LOA at work. Money is just energy and we can all attract more energy to us whenever we choose!

  2. This was a crazy thing. I was sitting in my office at my desk paying bills. I was really aggravated at what I had to send the IRS. I had stuff scattered all over my desk and on top of my laptop. When I cleaned everything off I saw this blog article on my screen from someone I had never heard of. I read it and the relevancy was incredible. It was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. I don’t know how the site was opened. I checked around on my recently visited sites and emails and nothing was even remotely associated with this site. I don’t know how it opened, but I definitely know why. It was exactly what I needed at that time. Made the hair on my neck stand up. Anyway, I am now a subscriber and will be looking into your stuff with great interest.


    Dr. Dorn

  3. Sometimes I think that I make myself ill trying to manifest the money that I would like to have! As a matter of fact I think that I am trying too hard but I want it oh-so-badly!

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