January 18

Attracting Server Problems?


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Once again, my site was down for 3 hours today… for some unknown reason. πŸ™
As you know, this week my host up-and-decided to move their servers without telling their customers – great.

So I ended up losing all my posts from Dec 18th. Fortunately, I was inspired to make a backup the day before they did the move, so I was able to get back up with minimal loss.

But since this weekend, the site has ‘crashed’ about 5 times and today the site was down for about 3 hours – again.

This is really getting irritating.
I’ve gotten emails from a lot of people asking about the site…

“Antonio, your site is down! I like reading it for my daily inspiration. I hope you haven’t quit!” Margarette Rutheford

“Hey Dude, I liked reading your stuff, where did you site go?” – Josh

I didn’t realize there were so many people ‘depending’ on the message I’m sharing.

HOPEFULLY, they’ll have this fixed soon… I can’t afford to be down like this.
So, if you’ve made comments and they’re missing or a link isn’t working properly, please bare with me as they fix this mess.

But if you would be so kind as to letting me know what’s ‘not working’ that would be HUGE help
Thanks for your support. πŸ™‚



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  1. Sorry to hear you are having server problems- I was actually speaking with a friend of mine about attracting problems this morning. Alot of people attract problems as a way of showing that they are resourceful,talented and brilliant- It takes a resourceful person to fix all the malfunctions of a crashing website and server DON’T YOU THINK?

  2. Hey Ophelia,

    I appreciate that. Sometimes when we’re in the midsts of things, we can’t see it for what it is really is.

    You’re right. I need to give myself credit for getting the site back up quickly. And REALLY for listening to the universe on Friday when I was inspired to do a backup.

    Thanks for pointing that out πŸ™‚

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