June 16

Attracting Horror – Part Trois

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Part 3 of the infamous “Attracting horror” post.

As you can probably imagine, I’ve gotten dozens and dozens of email from people regarding my horror post, particularly people commenting about my opinion that horror movies are horrible. Some people told me “I’m never listening to your podcast ever again because I like horror movies and you’re not gonna tell me that they’re bad and all of that”. Now on the other end I got other people saying that I was right.

So, here I am on the 3rd and final segment of the “Attracting horror” post. What we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna come to some conclusions about things, and, from there, wrap things up. And of course, I’m always open for feedback and input… so feel free to let me know what your thoughts are below.

So, ultimately, this, as with everything else in life, boils down to choice. It boils down to the personal and individual preferences that you have in your life. What do I mean by that? Let’s look at the “facts”. The “facts” are: killing is a low level vibration activity, no matter whether you’re doing it for the sake of war, for the sake of your God, for the sake of your belief, or for the sake of entertainment. Killing is a low level vibration activity.

Now… you get to choose what things you are exposed to. So, if you feel you can watch a horror movie without that impacting you, then great. I, personally, don’t believe that’s the case, because of what I know about quantum physics and the law of attraction: everything is energy, it cannot be created nor destroyed; every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and every effect has a cause. These are the things I believe to be true. So, watching the news has an effect, watching horror movies has an effect. Whether you choose to believe that or not, that’s entirely up to you.

You can choose to believe that the law of gravity doesn’t work, but, again, that’s entirely up to you. I had a gentleman writing me to tell me: “Well, subconsciously, my brain knows what’s real and what’s not”. Well, I beg to differ; science has proven that your subconscious cannot tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not, because your subconscious mind does not think on a conscious level. It’s like a sponge; it takes everything in at face value. So, again, you can choose to believe that or not; it’s entirely up to you. However, the [TAG-Tec]law of attraction[/TAG-Tec] and the fundamental principles of the universe do not change based on our individual beliefs. I think that is a good thing, because I wouldn’t want the guy standing next to me to say: “Well, I don’t believe in the law of gravity right now”, then all of a sudden I start floating up in the air. The law of gravity is the law of gravity, it doesn’t change, it doesn’t waver; and the law of attraction works in the same way.

So, on one side of the coin you say: “I want to have better health, I want to have [TAG-Tec]more wealth[/TAG-Tec], I want to have this or that, and I’m intending that thing to come to me”. So you do the things necessary around attracting that thing to you, with the expectation that the law of attraction is going to work. Yet, on the other side of the coin, you say: “I want to watch horror movies but I don’t want to attract similar energy to the energy I’m actively participating in right now”.

Here lays the quandary

So, do you give up horror movies if you love horror movies?

No, you don’t.

Because, as I’ve said in posts prior to this one… just because you watch a horror movie about someone getting killed does not necessarily mean that you’re going to attract someone coming into your home and killing you. However, the law of attraction works all of the time, every time.

So, you participating in that type of energy creates more of that type of energy. It’s not immediate. If you’ve seen that movie “The Secret”, there is a very good illustration in there where the guy thinks about an elephant and then instantly an elephant pops up in his living room. Well, that is not the world we live in right now. We don’t live in a world of instant manifestation. So you will not manifest a killer immediately to come into your home.

However, participating in horror movies, participating in the energy that is around horror movies, in the news, in gossip, participating in those energies attracts more of that same energy. Whether that energy may be fear, whether it’s horror, whatever the case may be, it attracts that energy based on universal and fundamental principles that do not change ever.

So, choice is what it’s all about. You choose to participate in the things that you choose to participate in, based on what it is you say you want for your life. I grew up on a lot of different genres of music, but rap music was a big part of my upbringing. And there are a lot of positive rappers (old-school), like: Run DMC and Whodini. They didn’t talk about the killing and the shooting, and they weren’t doing the womanizing and all those types of things before a lot of these other guys came about.

There are a few artists (as a matter of fact, some that I know personally) whose music I choose not to listen to anymore because of the content of their music. Now that’s a personal choice, and let me give you a real life example of what I was mentioning before, on how participating in a certain type of energy manifests that energy into our reality.

As you all know, I don’t watch the news, but I hear about things every now and then. Someone chose to share with me the Don Imus story; about how his comment about the young ladies who played for some basketball team I don’t remember. I think he called them “hoes” and made a couple of other derogatory remarks about these women.

The nation was in an uproar, they were shocked. They were surprised that Don Imus would say something that was so horrendous and appalling.

And yet we’re listening to Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, Ludacris. (people I personally know) We’re listening to them call women “hoes”, yet were shocked when Don Imus says the same thing that we listen to on a regular basis. Law of attraction works both ways all the time, every time. I wasn’t surprised to hear him say that. I wasn’t shocked. I wasn’t appalled, because I knew exactly where it came from. It came from participating in that type of energy. Therefore, when you participate in that type of energy, that type of energy has no choice but to be attracted back. That’s the law of attraction.

So, I could choose to continue to listen to music that totally disgraces black women, and pretend like that’s not going to impact how I interact with black women. I can pretend like that’s not going to impact me. But if I understand the law and how the law of attraction works, then I would be fooling myself. But again, it’s still a choice. It’s the choice I’ve made based on what I determine is the most important to me. Is it more important for me to have the few minutes of pleasure? Don’t get me wrong, I still love a lot of different genres of music; and an artist that I just don’t listen to anymore.

A few years ago, at any given time, if you called me, I was playing “GTA: Grand Theft Auto”, because I loved that game. However, again I had to make the choice; I had to decide, am I willing to intake that amount of negativity versus the entertainment I was getting from it. So I’ve chosen to stop playing “Grand Theft Auto”, I’ve chosen to stop listening to certain artists and certain genres, I’ve chosen to stop watching the news, I’ve chosen to stop participating in gossip, I’ve chosen to do several things that work for Antonio’s life. Antonio’s life, but those things may not work for you. You may enjoy watching the news, you may enjoy playing “Grand Theft Auto” or some other game. You may enjoy those types of things, and you may enjoy horror movies. Great! Continue enjoying those things to your heart’s desire.

You know, a few of the emails I got about the horror post that were like “oh, you know, you’re judging horror movies, and this and that”. And I will take on responsibility for that, it probably did come across as a little judgmental; and I do take responsibility for that, because that was not my intention, to either judge horror movies or judge the people who watch them. My goal was to bring attention to things that you may be doing in your life that may or may not be creating the life you want. Not to judge what it is you’re doing, but to help you to create the life you want.

On the other hand, I got just as many emails from people telling me that they’re going to stop watching horror movies, because they agree with what I was saying. And I always tell people, it’s not about agreeing with me or disagreeing with me; this is Antonio’s podcast, this is my opinion. I’ve done extensive research around human behavior, psychology, the human brain, world theology and spiritual beliefs, but that doesn’t make me right. I’m only sharing the things that I’ve learned over the years, in order to help other people.

So, the bottom line is this. If you like horror movies, if you like the news, if you like rap music, if you like the blues, if you like any of those things, do them to your heart’s content. Yet, don’t fool yourself into thinking these things don’t impact you, because they do. If we weren’t made of energy, and the law of cause and effect, and the law of attraction, and quantum physics didn’t work the way that they do, then they would not impact you. But they do, and that is undeniable, that is unquestionable, those things are there. Now, they may impact you less, and they impact someone else, they may have a different impact on you than they do on someone else, but they impact you nonetheless.

So, if you are choosing to continue to watch horror movies or choosing to continue to watch the news or those types of things, here is something you can do that I think will help to ease the impact that they may have on you. I actually got this idea from a really good friend of mine, who I think was really brilliant, studying the law of attraction as well, and a lot of other spiritual directions… but one thing she talked about was putting the things you do into a positive sandwich. And how that works is like this: if you know you are going to watch the news, or you know you’re going to watch a horror movie, make it a point to book in those activities with positive activities. So if you know you’re going to watch the news, just before watching the news, do something positive: listen to some uplifting music or something motivational, or just do some positive visualization Then, watch the news, and then once the news is over, do something else that’s positive (again positive visualization, or even if you want to do a releasing process of releasing what you have taken in from the news, then there’s a potential as well). So, just something to think about…

Again, it’s all about choice; you either choose to do those things, or choose not to. You can choose to continue to participate in the things that you are doing, or choose not to. I’ll tell you the same thing that my father told me: “If you want to keep getting what you’re getting, keep doing what you’re doing”. If you don’t want to see war, you don’t want to see violence in the world, you don’t want to see those types of things, don’t participate in them, because that’s what creates it. You know what gives a child the idea or the thought that killing someone is the answer to their problems in life? Where does that come from? That comes from observing that, and repeating it. You know, if a guy is coming at you in a video game, what do you do?… you shoot the guy, and now he’s dead, and you move on to do whatever else you want to do. And it’s the same thing with the news. How does the United States usually handle their problems? Well, by beating up whomever they have a problem with, that’s how it works (but that’s for another podcast). But those are the types of things that create more of it.

Practical Application
1) Choose what’s important to you. If watching horror movies, watching the news, gossiping, etc is important to you, then you make that choice. However I’d like to add that when you make choices like this, don’t be surprised at the things that come as a result of it. Again, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but please know that EVERY THING we do has an effect. It’s the law.

2) Just a suggestion for people who like to watch horror movies, the news, etc. Consider ‘sandwiching’ your activity with something positive. Do or listen to something positive before and after the activity. Additionally afterwards, consider doing some ‘releasing’ exercises to ‘offset’ the negative energy.

Yours in Creation,



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  1. I have NEVER felt good after watching a horror movie, so I no longer watch them. What’s great about creating artificial fear and nervousness?

    I watch movies that are uplifting and which give me increased confidence. A great movie to watch is “Mr.Holland’s Opus”. I like this movie because the main character learns to embrace a career he hated in the beginning and as a result, he learns to be a more loving person. This movie will inspire you to do more with your life and to be thankful for everything that you have.

    Watch movies that build you up instead of tear you down! Life is too sweet to be “scared on purpose”.

  2. My wife loves to watch horror movies. She said they make her “on the edge”, never falling asleep. We rent DVD movies and watch at home.

    Of course we never feel good about them but that’s beside our purpose, which is solely to be entertained, thrilled.

    However, we only enjoy those that required some “thinking”. For instance, The Saw saga.

    We try not to take them seriously, though.


  3. I’ve always hated horror movies and refused to watch them. I wonder if it had something to do with my subconscious rejecting a constant stream of negative images – fear, torture, murder, etc. This is definitely an interesting post – I’m going to be checking out the rest of your site now 🙂

  4. I can plainly see how horror movies would attract that type fo negative energy. Thanks to a certain sci-fi movie, I have developed a fear towards a particular creature. I am not sure how to get over this fear though…Yet, I continue to watch only the “classic” horror movies that appeal to me. For example, the movie “Silent Hill” makes me laugh and feel happy. I am a big fan of the Silent Hill videogames, and their stories, so I watched the movie with excited energy. I continue to love and cherish that movie. The Universe allowed me to come into contact with people dressed as the monsters, and I gleefully took pictures alongside them. I seem to have given this movie a positive energy, and that’s A-OK with me.

  5. i wtch horror movies nd listern to rap n so on n funni enuff just strted playin gta again and i hve to admit ive gt all this negative energy around me so ive chosen to stop watching horror movies and such and stop listerning to rap n playing games like that and from now on im gona focus on more butiful things thnk you Antonio

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