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Article: The Law of Attraction Doesn't Work…


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The Secret is becoming one of the most talked about topics in the world. With the wide spread publicity it’s been getting, people who ordinarily wouldn’t consider a conversation about ‘metaphysics’ are talking about using the Law of Attraction to create their own destinies. They’re sitting back wishing for cars, money, romance and a whole laundry list of other things they’re expecting to magically appear. The real “secret” is: the Law of Attraction doesn’t work…like that.

How The Law Of Attraction REALLY Works

The Law of Attraction is based on the principle of “like attracts like” – or better said, like energy attracts like energy. A good illustration would be a radio station tower. It emits energy in the form of radio waves vibrating on a certain frequency. In order for you to hear what’s on that radio station, your receiver has to be on the same frequency.

It’s the same with all other forms of energy; they transmit and receive on a certain frequency. You have a frequency, your car has a frequency, money has a frequency, and so does everything else in the physical universe. According to the scientific principle of attraction, this ‘frequency’ is what draws these energies towards each other. (i.e. the Law of Attraction).

How Thought Become Things

Thought, being a form of energy, is subject to this same principle. In other words, thinking about something emits a frequency that draws that thing toward you – whether good or bad. Thinking about ‘positive’ things (having a positive mental attitude) tends to draw positive experiences to you like pay raises, attracting a mate, more business, etc.

Thinking about negative things tends to draw negative experiences like flat tires, getting fired, getting dumped, etc. So on the surface level it would appear that your thoughts actually created your experience. However, this is where the science gets a little murky and people get confused.

TB (w + A) = t

Every physical manifestation we encounter begins with thought. In other words, thoughts become things. In science, the equation of thought becoming things could be represented by T = t (“T” being thought, and “t” representing the physical manifestation of the thought) However, that’s not the whole equation. The initial thought (along with belief) leads to the words we say, which leads to the ACTIONS, which leads to the manifestation of the things we see in our physical reality. The better equation would be: T(to the power of B) (w + A) = t. Thought (T) to the power of belief (B) times words (w) plus Action (A) = things (t).

Here’s an example of how thought becomes a physical thing: There once was an idea that sound could be recorded and then listened to at a later time; just as text could be written and read at a later time. That concept sparked Thomas Edison to think about how the human voice could be recorded and played back. The belief that it could be done led to the words and actions required to create such a device. Voila…the advent of the phonograph. Though there were many experiments and activity that went on throughout the duration of this invention, it began with thought.

Taking Action

When you have a desire for something, you shift your vibrational resonance (frequency) to the same as what you desire. Immediately, universal forces begin to cause that desire to come towards you through seemingly strange synchronicities (more commonly referred to as coincidences). People will show up; things will start to occur; and the exact opportunities to manifest that desire will come to you. However the next step is the most critical in this equation – Action!

The Law of Attraction states that once you put out a certain kind of vibrational energy you will receive the same in return. This is referred to as “like attracting like”. However, you must put yourself into position (taking action) to receive these things; just as you would have to physically tune your radio to receive a certain radio station’s signal.

Herbert Hoover once said, “Words without actions are the assassins of idealism.” Better stated, “Words without action are simply wishes.”

The Real Secret Revealed

Many people misinterpret the Law of Attraction as a wishing well or ‘magic’ genie. They think by wishing for things hard enough, they will get them. This is simply not true. It takes more than that to make your dreams come true. The Law of Attraction is about acting, not just thinking. Just look at the word: AttrACTION.

The real secret to using the Law Of Attraction is taking action. Once you put forth the intention for what you want in life, you must recognize the ‘coincidences’ and opportunities that appear in your life – and take ACTION on them.


Law Of Attraction

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