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Law Of Attraction Article: Law Of Attraction – A Basic Understanding


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The Law of Attraction truly cannot be defined by any single definition. It has to do with energy and a force that’s so powerful and so mystifying that words wouldn’t do it justice.

Some definitions refer to the law of attraction as karma or the golden rule. You may have heard people say, “you get what you give…”; “what goes around, comes around…”; “karma”; “do unto others” and a host of others.

They’re all right.

However, when I’m asked, “What is the Law of Attraction?”, I like to summarize it in two 3-word phrases: “Like Attracts Like” and “Thoughts Become Things.”

Like Attracts Like

Everything in the universe is composed of energy. If you were to take a peek inside your body, you’d see that you’re made up of organs. With magnification, you’ll see that your organs are made up of tissues. With even more magnification, you’d see that your tissues are made of cells; your cells are made of molecules; and your molecules are made of atoms. You may remember this from science class.

These atoms are made of even smaller ‘components’ called electrons, neutrons, and protons. Here’s where science class got a little fuzzy for me. At the time I learned this, we were taught that the electrons, protons and neutrons were the smallest units of matter and this is where things stopped. What they didn’t tell us is that these ‘units of matter’ are made of energy. More accurately stated, they ARE energy.

So in short, everything is made of energy. The computer you’re using, or the newspaper you’re reading this in…everything. And what’s amazing is that these different energies have their own vibrational resonance. For this illustration, we’ll call vibrational resonance “frequency” – just like a radio station frequency.

So as this energy is emitting its frequency, there are other energies that are on the same frequency and they tend to draw towards one another.

If you were to tune your radio to 101.9 you would only be able to hear what’s on the 101.9 frequency, which is being emitted from the 101.9 radio tower. It’s the same with energy.

Have you ever sat next to someone and you ‘just didn’t feel right’? There may have been nothing ‘wrong’ with the person, but for some reason you just felt uncomfortable. It was because at that time, your energy was on a ‘different frequency’ as the person sitting next to you. Your energies clashed and it made you feel uncomfortable.

You will attract to you what you embody or what you are “like,” in other words. If you’re gloomy, you’ll attract gloomy people. And if you’re happy and cheerful, you’ll attract happy, cheerful people (or at least, they’ll become happy and cheerful because of YOU).

If you feel broke, you’ll attract more of being “broke,” because it’s a match to you, to your energy. And if you feel prosperous, you will attract situations to help you be prosperous.

Thoughts Become Things

The other thing about the Law Of Attraction is that thoughts really do become things.

This can also be summed up more scientifically by the expression, “Energy is neither created, nor destroyed.” So rephrasing the aforementioned statement, “If you put a loving a caring energy into the Universe, that same energy will be returned to you.

So the thoughts (energy) you put out will be returned to you (or ‘created’ in your reality)

Everything starts as a thought. That computer you’re reading this on originated, at its essence, as the thought of Konrad Zuse, who invented the very first working programmable computer in 1941. Others, like Steve Jobs, believed computers could be accessible to anyone in their homes. And Zuse and Jobs began to manifest those realities for themselves before most thought they were “possible.”

LOA is at the essence of everything that exists today. When you think of something you want AND you believe it can come, you will attract it to you. It will ultimately become your reality.


Law Of Attraction

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  1. Hi Antonio,

    My name is Bunny, That’s my nickname anyway. I started reading LOA Intro least week and was dumbfouned but what I discovered….
    I am 48 years old I am what I believe to be a very strong, passionate, vibrant and VERY happy. YET! I have had MANY major things happen to me thru out my life, childhood abuse, 3 marriages, kids, parents passings, hurricanes, just really wild stuff and I just can’t seem to understand where I get all these energies SERIOUS ENERGIES!!!!!! I guess it all comes out in the final picture which I won’t see till I get there….
    I did not realize how strong these energies were till I read the intro to LOA. I seem to draw storms (real storms), computer blow ups——several over the years actually….again not realizing the energies around me. Just the very day I read the Intro we had a tornado come RIGHT BY OUR HOUSE! Seriously!
    I was often told growing up “I light up anyroom I walk into”. Yet never noticed it myself…..I have managed to maintain lifes experiences, lots of them traumatic some UNBEILVABLE! yet I just know if I could harness my energies they would be unstoppable, short from the good Lord taking me out!
    I am trying now to TUNE in to these energies. I have printed my LOA book and plan to read it over the weekend while I travel to see my third grandson for the first time. I REALLY ENJOYED the INTRO and cannot WAIT to get more into the LawsOA.
    I have already started promoting it just based on the Intro. I know I need to go ahead a read it ……I just have to get something financially going via internet NOW! So I can take some PRESSURE off myself so I can REALLY get involved……I have litterally over the last four days had very clear visions of me in a room of a few hundred people, speaking or motivational something, and have even picked out my first outfit out of my closet….LOLOLOL. Anyway I do not usually have these types of visions…..
    I am so excited yet…. unsure of which direction all this energy will land me….
    Your Intro to LOA has given me some sort of direction I thank you so very much..Does everyone have this kind of intense energies?….

    Thank YOU!
    Prosperous Blessings to you,
    Bunny Parkinson

  2. I am very confused, Ineed somene to tell me how to get started! I am sure I have all the information, I just don’t know what to do first.

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