December 15

Are You Going To "The Party"?

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Need Fast Cash Now?Just recently, a really good friend of mine was invited to a “party”

She politely declined.

Here’s what she said,

“Dear economy, I am in receipt of your invitation to the recession you’re throwing. I have decided to decline. Good luck with that!”


This sums up what I’ve been talking about for the last few months…

The “recession” is a state of mind… and more importantly, a choice!

She is CHOOSING not to participate in the conversation of ‘recession’, therefore, her reality won’t show up that way.

Because as you know, when you think about recession, worry about recession, talk about recession… you get more recession.

There are people who are making millions…even BILLIONS – right now – in the midst of the so-called recession.

Why? They’ve chosen not to participate…

So can you.

A very smart friend of mine, referencing the state of the economy said, “Things are on sale right now…isn’t that what everyone wants…a good sale? You can buy some things cheaper than you could in the 90s…that’s a GOOD thing.”

He’s focusing on the positive aspects of what’s going on and because of that, opportunities are opening up for him that are “invisible” for those focused on doom and gloom.

Recently I bought a pair of D & G $550 eyeglasses for only $230! Just last week, I bought a set of $599 golf clubs for $199. I’m not complaining about that.

You have the power to choose how you want to view things. You can choose to attend the recession pity party or have one of your own.

Practical Application

Choose to see this as a time of never ending ‘sales’.  Houses, cars, electronics…practically EVERYTHING is on sale right now.

Isn’t that cool?

If you ever wanted the ‘stuff’ that you couldn’t get before, now is the time.  Between now and March of 2009, companies are going to be virtually giving stuff away.

You could really turn this into a powerful opportunity for yourself if you choose to look at this situation differently.

Ask yourself, “What opportunities are available to me because of this current situation?” You’ll be surprised with what you come up with.

If you’ve been laid off, this could be the time to start that business you’ve always wanted…

If your business is slow, this could be a great time to take the well-deserved vacation that you’ve been putting off.

And this goes for ANYTHING… not just finances. i.e. if your relationship just ended, this could be a chance for you to do some growth and personal development.

I could go on and on…

Change the way you see your situation and your situation will change…


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  1. “recession” is a state of mind… If there was no radio, web, tv, newspapers, etc. then very few people would ‘know’ we were having any problems and it would be business as usual. When enough people come to believe that ‘it is over’ …. then it will be. Meanwhile, the sun still rises, rains still falls, crops still grow, and nothing outside of our fevered virtual economic world seems to have changed one tiny bit.

  2. I agree with you. I just bought a new dryer and computer for 50% of what the original price was. My money is worth more than ever right now.

  3. I will agree that the sales are great. However you had better gear-up for the bad times that are sure to follow. I am a bit older than most here posting and the recession could turn into the depression all over again. Lets pray that does not happen.

  4. OK, let’s say that this is a good thing, like you referred to due to all the wonderful sales.
    It is true that you could get some great bargains right now and during all these insane 50% and more sales.
    But the big warm fuzzy feeling just doesn’t hit me like it did a few months ago.
    See, I have my own online business and I’m going to have to make some big changes to it. I’m also going to have to branch out where my one business was handling things, it isn’t any more.

    With all these sales, stores, the traditional business gang aren’t making as much money. They are taking cuts in their profits. To fix that, they are cutting hours and cutting employees.

    Next you have all the manufacturing businesses, the gang that is known as the wholesale crew. They make the stuff that stores sell. With less money, stores aren’t buying more stock or they’ll wait for a sale. This cuts profits which in turn cuts down on employee hours and causes lay offs.

    The suppliers, these are the material gang that sells the cloth, glue, shipping supplies, paper, ink and all those things that you can’t do business without, yet you don’t really think about. Well, they don’t get as many orders since the manufacturers are making less stuff. This causes the usual trimming of the employees again.

    Now along with these big gangs are the smaller yet just as important crews. The transportation gang, truckers and company fleets of trucks, cars and more. They don’t have many loads to transport, so they lose money. They don’t need as many vehicles, so they are sold or drivers aren’t needed. Thus the employee crew gets another bite in the backside.

    Now what about the wonderful self employed, have a business at home – this couldn’t trickle down to effect this group right? Wrong! It does depend upon your field and your business it’s true. But the effects can be huge.
    In my own business, I create the website for clients. They pay me for it and that is it. But due to the loss of clients for a lawyer that uses my services, he had to ask to make two payments just to pay for his revamped website.
    Other clients are putting up their websites for sale. They just can’t afford to keep them since they are looking to cut expenses.

    Do you know who is making money? Information sellers! Those that offer information on ‘making money’ ‘saving money’ think about it. Everyone needs to cut back, so they are looking for information on how to do it. But for every one of those ‘make money’ guides sold to some one desperate to make some extra cash, who’s getting hurt?
    Most information sellers don’t think past the buck. Unless it’s looking ahead to the next one they can make. I’ve seen it happen a bunch online. Here’s a free guide for your name and address. Then you get offer after offer telling you that this it the thing that will help you make money. Meanwhile, someone is going hungry or not paying a bill. Why? Because of the hype wired into the offer that tells them they can get money in a few days. For someone with a “list”, that has an idea of what to do online, yeah, some have done it. But the big group that buy are clueless to what to do with the info when they get it. Some try to follow the steps and then fail to finish cause some of the stuff is not geared to their skills. Plus a real business takes time to build, just like the relationship some have with their lists. But the info market is blowing up with dough, and the sharks are circling and feasting.

    Gaming is also hitting it big. Why? Because the entertainment factor is worth the upfront money. The field is interactive and people are involved. Gaming isn’t like a movie. It’s social and hands on, you can meet friends through it, families can play together and it’s involved. So the gaming gang is trying to earn that interest to get a sale. Wii is getting people up and moving! That alone is genius on their part, it’s got gaming to the next level. Plus interactive gaming teaches real life skills. Medic training taught via a military game helped a guy do triage at an accident and assisted the ambulance crew cause he knew the lingo and he did the work, before they arrived. So they were able to attend to those with worse injuries faster. He explained that his character in the game was a medic, he’d just taken the extra training so he could be better in the game.

    Whoever finds a way to deliver INFORMATION like this, in that kind of environment is going to revolutionize the whole learning system. The military has got the ball rolling. But applying it in other areas is the next step.

    I can agree that believing in your goals, motivation and such can be a positive thing. But “ignoring” the reality of a “depression” which is what this is – it’s foolish to call it anything else, doesn’t make it “go away”.
    Sure you can buy some great things you have been wanting to get. But let me ask you this…
    Did you get by with out this item? Is it really all that necessary? Can you go on living without it?

    Sure everyone wants the “nice” things. But some people don’t even have the “basics” of life. Like a home, food, health, clothes. There are folks lucky enough to be living in their vehicle, while others are trying to keep warm under docking bays, bridges and in worse places. I’m not just talking about some druggie, drunk or so called bum. They weren’t born that way either, so there’s no one that has a right to judge them. Many turned to drugs and drink to forget, even for just a while, the problems that got them where they are.
    But among those that are lost, are families with kids, vets, widows, disabled persons that lost their caregiver. When you look at that fancy new watch, that thousand dollar outfit or some other “I deserve it” item. Why not remember that many of those people out there now, did not deserve the loss of their home, the death of a loved one, or the lack of care because of illness.

    Law of Attraction…yeah, sure. How about the Law of Love? The Gift of Caring? Of believing in helping out those that are not as blessed as you are. Helping them to see that someone cares, that they are important too. To be treated with respect, kindness and given hope. It’s that kind of live that is wealthy beyond all others. It won’t line your pocket, but it will sure fill your heart and give you something special that can never be bought or sold.

    I have said my piece, good luck to whoever wins the ten bucks. I wish all that are out there to count up the bounty that you have right there under your nose. Family, friends, children especially. I think you’d be surprised at how rich you already are. Take care of those you cherish, live your life well and you’ll find your days far more rewarding.

    Happy holiday and warm blessing for the New Year to you and yours!

  5. Looking through the sales advertisements, checking hotel occupancy rates, there are bargains galore out there to be had, sometimes without even looking hard. A recess from high prices: maybe. Recession: a state of mind.

  6. But of course I’m going so that I may learn how 2 keep up or not think about it, why look at it as a disaster when it could benefit the ones making the right moves.

  7. You make a great point. I see so many people out there afraid to spend any money right now because they are scared of the “recession”. I keep thinking that they just don’t realize that they are the ones causing it by being afraid to spend money. Oh well, I’m not participating in it either!

  8. I have come to learn that everything is a state of mind! Like it’s been said before, you can look at a half glass of water and decide if it is half full or half empty…as an individual I choose to look at it as half full and getting fuller until it overflows….to sum this up with just one word…..”FAITH”…..Barb

  9. This is so true. We can choose whether to opt-in to what the media is telling us about how we should think and as I have recently been studying, what you think about is sure to be what you will bring about. This so-called recession is making more millionaires than ever before in history!

  10. Hmmm, my two cents’ worth is that I’ve been thinking, acting and behaving in positive ways for the best part of this year… set some goals, changed a whole lot of things in my life and must admit… it’s been real great.

    I could not think of going back to the old me!!!! I am now only pushing to get further and keep learning on more ways to stay positive and get results!

    That’s all that matters, once you’ve broken that code all doors will be opened and stay opened, so long as you keep your end of the deal!

    Don’t surround yourself with too much bad news, negative influences, friends and family’s skepticism, etc….. it’s your life!!!

  11. You are speaking on an activity that I am presently involved in. The Law of Attraction is becoming a daily practice for me and I do appreciate your re-inforcement.
    Tis true ‘you become what you think about’, and attract the same. Thank you, again, Mr Antonio Thornton
    Henry Ford aka Ulik

  12. A great and positive way of looking and approaching the present day scenario. Its all in the mind, there is right now the best opportunity to really get wealthy.

  13. Totally agree with you.

    Regarding your comment: “If you’ve been laid off, this could be the time to start that business you’ve always wanted…”

    My husband just got laid off after 36 years with Embarq (formerly Sprint… formerly Centel)so the first thing we did was paid $110 for a professional sign advertising our NC Concealed Handgun Carry Classes on our truck tailgate. As we drive others will read our advertisement…

    Then we set up our website ….I am paying a Jason ( to build my class registration forms….

    Next we went to the local Rolesville Buzz paper and purchased a $20 text only ad that is due out Jan 5th.

    Other small local papers are being contacted today to see what their rates and deadlines are….

    We are currently making posters to go into local stores within a 50 mile radius off our class. We already printed up business cards and leave them everywhere we go.

    Since this is a one-time course required before you apply for your NC Concealed Carry Permit, we brainstormed of various other ways to produce an income from this website…(we have not added them yet…waiting on my 5th change to the registration form that Jason is working on)…but we plan to add Amazon for gun related books, NRA memberships, Google AdSense Ads…

    We also ordered class supplies for 2009.

    Once we have 2009 income to invest…we plan to purchase some road signs to place is various areas to advertising our classes.

    Why would we do all this….You must take action TODAY and more action tomorrow and each and everyday toward your goal….

    I also wrote these quotes out on 3 x 5 cards for us to read several times each day….

    “Enjoy Your Life Regardless of What Happens: You Must Change Your Point of View”

    “If you are upset about your current reality, all that means is you are not planning on changing. Do something different to get a different result.”

    We are thankful for this day and our new life and the many changes we will experience….how exciting!

  14. I have been thinking quite a bit about all this recession talk. One great thing about it is that it’s a big wake up call! It makes us stop and think before we spend. And, like you said, when you do spend, it’s all on sale! We managed to find EVERYTHING for our kids for Christmas that we didn’t think we could buy… it was all at such an amazing discount, we HAD to run out and make their dreams come true… Perhaps that was THEIR law of attraction at work! We know they could care less about the economy!
    Thanks Antonio!

  15. Absolutely! We create largely, in our minds, our state of being. We can choose to be happy; (yeah, you read that right)happiness IS a choice. So, come on, people…let’s choose…right now!

  16. The holiday yesterday was a great diversion from all the recession talk and focus on what’s really important. Your message was in great timing! Loved it!

  17. Oh WOW! What an absolutely fabulous way to think of the way things are going today! I truly appreciate the positive spin put on this and it reminds me to do the same with everything in my life and to share this with others. How wonderful to be able to participate in the biggest sale ever…LOL Thanks again for starting my day off in such a wonderful way! 🙂

  18. You think the same way as us. In Europe the recession so called is in full swing with doom and gloom all around. We are having a great Christmas without spending money on unnecessary food and drink. I raise a glass to you Antonio !!

  19. Antonio — totally agree with the post. The global consciousness and news media are feeding us images of poverty thinking, and it is OUR choice whether we incorporate that energy into our lives and souls. I choice not to .

  20. As I learned maybe 10 years back, there are some people who creates the problems and those people already have ALL the solutions. They create the problems, make them known and publicise them (Recession), and as they have the solutions, they collect more and more money and control over Mr. and Mrs. everybody. Like my spouse boss, she told her employees that there will not be any salary augmentation for 2009, because of the recession. As she got a better bonus if there are more profits, she use the recession to HER advantage. Their business don’t suffer any recession, but they use the current patern to make their employees beleive that there is a recession in their business and cut as much expenses as they can in order to get bigger profits, and for my wife’s boss, bigger bonus by not giving any raise in salary in 2009. Let’s fight that attitude!

  21. I agree with this view. You get what you attract with the power of you mind. The more you think about something, the more you attract it.

    So, think abundance, live abundance and enjoy…….

  22. I actually listened to an acquaintance the other day comment on how the low price of gas was a “sign” of how bad the economy is. This same person, a couple of months ago, was complaining about the high price of gas! I just stared at him, dumbfounded. Talk about the glass being half empty…

  23. This is brilliant way of thinking about the recession, I my self do not worry about things like the recession, mainly because I would rather see the positive side of things instead of the negative side…
    I figure there is enough negatives in the world with out adding more to it…

  24. I think that those that focus on the doom and gloom of the recession are being very self defeating. I think that both your friends and you are correct; one must see it as an opportunity.

  25. I love that bit about declining the invitation to the recession – you’re right, that was brilliant! I totally agree that focusing on the things that are good (like lower prices and new opportunities) sure beats gloom and doom.

    People in my home town cannot wrap their minds around the fact that I just quit a good job to move to a new state; while I cannot imagine how staying here in a job that is eating my soul could possibly be in my long-term best interest. It’s all in your perspective.

    Very good post – I will thumbs up stumble it and Twitter it.

  26. Excellent.

    Much to the contrar to popular opinion.

    My friends, for example, say that this recession is a time for slowing it down and taliking it easy, unless you loose big time.

    Why is it that they don’t realize that recession is the cheapest moment to start new things?

    Just like you said in your post.

    For me, I am about to start a new company and my wife is about to start a different one.

  27. For every “ebb there will be a tide”. I believe that the person who recognizes this will be in the right position at the right time.

  28. The country may be experiencing a true recession, but we do not have to go along with being victims of this just because society and the government tell us it is so..I have always felt that it is my own choices, actions, and motivations, that determine whether I will succeed, and to what level.

  29. Rccession? Lack of for site. When I have a lot of money I spend, but I have nothing left for that day when income doesn’t outcome (expenses). Those of us that thought we were getting something for nothing are paying for outcome. That is called OOPS! Hind site didn’t kicked in before forsite!!!???

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  31. Thank you for your part in swaying our collective consciousness away from this awful doom and gloom that lurks all around. It is refreshing to read that there are those of us who refuse to get caught up in this mass negativity.

    1. WOW! Thank you SO MUCH for the $10 you put into my PayPal account because I commented on your blog! I was so excited to get your email telling me about it and gladly accept your gift. All the best!

  32. I have recently come to some serious conclusions about the state of affairs in the world. “For every disadvantage there is a seed of equivalent opportunity.” I don’t know exactly where the quote comes from but I do know that it is absolutely true. If you place your faith in circumstances that are outside of you, you are going about the whole game backwards. Focus on what you want and place you faith in the eternal essence. I have decided to enjoy my life no matter what illusion comes my way to challenge my state of mind. You have to be strong and be able to tap into your creativity when challenging situations come about. What are you about?

  33. I wholeheartedly agree! Recession is definitely a state of mind, like everything else. Reminds me of “The glass is half full….” philosophy.

    My husband got skin cancer this year. After 2 surgeries on his lip (they removed 30% of his lip) he went back to work and got laid off that very day! Sure we were upset, but we decided this was a great time for him to start a home business. And that’s what we’re doing. He’s making more money now than he was at his full time job. And he’s home with the dogs, so we don’t have to employ a dog sitter anymore. And we’re selling our second vehicle, because we don’t need that any longer either!

    It’s all a matter of how you look at life. When you think life is screwing you over – just change your way of thinking. My husband was a very negative person for a long time and now he’s turned everything around and has become positive. And good things are happening to us. If he can change, anyone can.


  34. I’ve chosen to live on a cash basis for some time now. And my cash flow is as good as ever. Science of Mind teaches us to turn away from conditions unlike spirit. Spirit is abundance and that is all I see.

  35. Thanks for allowing me to give my opinion about the so-called recession. Would you believe it that since the word has been going around I did not encourage such a negative belief to cross my mind? I used to be a very NEGATIVE person, and after watching “The Secret” video, I thank God that I am now the most positive person you can meet.
    Thank you for continuing to uplift minds with your positive beliefs through your materials. Whatever we encourage in our minds tend to come to life. I choose NOT to believe in a so-called recession. The Bible says, There lies before you life and death. Choose LIFE! It also states, “And all things, whatsoever you shall ASK in prayer, BELIEVING, you shall RECEIVE.
    We need to shift our thinking, and everything will be all right.

  36. I really enjoyed the blog. I can see that the more you buy into the recession the more you feel the recession.

    I am going to be more positive and do my best to take the high road with a more positive attitude. See if I can work it to my advantage as your blog post suggests.

    Have a good New Year


  37. This is one of the better responses to the so called conditions I’ve heard. I couldn’t have put it any better. My other half spends his days in front of the TV watching the doom and gloom and spend mine knitting, crocheting and watching classic movies. Something that makes me laugh and adds humor to my life.

    The other day I saw a commericial for a ’08 Malibu that blew me away. Dealer is letting it go for $10,995. I know they use to be cheaper than that in the ’70’s I had one, my first car, but those prices remind me of my last car in the ’80’s. I smiled and said, “Keep up the good work.”

    This is not a depression, this is the world coming to it’s senses.

  38. Perspective is in the mind of the beholder. If you believe in doom and gloom, there will be a self fulfilling result. If you believe in good fortune and better times, guess what, self fulfilling result. So be positive, present good value and things will work out well regardless.

  39. The newspaper and television journalists of the mainstream media created this so called recession to generate more of their greatest sales tool,fear. The Economy is simply going through a long overdue correction created by irresponsible lending and borrowing,lack of regulation,and lackadaisical and uninformed consumers putting their trust in Wall street and the Federal reserve, myself included.How does this apply to the LOA? Well after getting pummeled by the market,losing 50% of the equity in my home and 40% pay reduction at work, I was forced to further educate myself on finance and the economy.The Divines way of preparing me for the increase and promotion headed my way in the very near future.

  40. I must add that people should get quality information into their hands and minds such as what you are offering. we need to feed on all the GOOD things, and don’t listen to the negatives that are out there. If not, we will suffer the consequences that negativity can do to us. It affects us physically and emotionally as well.

  41. Don’t have a website. Technically challenged. Agreed with most of the posts. Especially enjoyed Peggy Elrod’s comments. I believe she was right on. This “recession” could well turn into a depression. Heck, I am already depressed!

    Keep ’em comin’!

  42. I have always quoted: You can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. It’s all in how you look at it!

  43. I am so glad to have come into contact with you and this group.

    Just last week I was talking with a potential vendor partner whose outlook about his business was limited by “the state of the economy”. What economy? I reminded him that everything he and most of the other folks out there believe about “the economy ” is based on what the media has told them to believe. People believe what they are told to believe unless they can think for themselves. I’ve never felt the state of my business was because of anything other than me. I touched base with him this week and apparently he did some real soul searching about what they have to offer. His attitude was a 100% improvement. He is a very helpful and religious guy but religious doctrine didn’t do it for him. The laws of the universe did.

    Keep up the great work you do Antonio! A lot more folks need it.

  44. That was just what I needed! I am a HUGE believer in the Law of Attraction, but lately it’s all been getting me down. Thank you for giving me EXCATLY what I needed to hear.

  45. Hello,
    I see this economy as a way for all of us to look at what we do day to day. Make some adjustments if necessary,but over all this is just like anything else in life. I choose to join in on things that are positive for me. If what ever it is is not positive I don’t do it period. I wake up in the morning, every morning, see my family,go to bed Indoors every night. I wanted a ham for Christmas dinner so I went and bought it, never gave it a second thought. I see what I want,claim it and it is Mine.
    Surely I am not the only one that does this.
    I thank God everyday that I do however.
    All troubles start in the mind. Get that out and you’ll be
    fine no matter what the people say.

  46. Another important good habit to cultivate right now (and always) is to eliminate waste. Get back to basics on such things as food. We cook at home more, and we get most of our food through the Angel Food program. It has cut our food bills in half, plus we are eating better.

  47. What recession ???
    The only party is living life to the fullest every single day with an attitude of gratitude and thanks every single day and thanking and praising God for all HIS blessings we get privledged to have and the abundance that continues to fill all of our lives.

  48. This really reminds me of The Secret. Which is of course about The Law of Attraction. The reason we are able to do that is because simply, that’s the way we are designed. That is why prayers, meditation and rain dances all work to our advantage. If you focus on something and see it appeared to you, you will have it. You have to believe it has already come to pass, be Grateful thank the God/Universe for it. It is our Divine right.

  49. Hi,
    What a great idea!
    You describe somthing that few see on their own – that opportunities exist even in the most dire circumstances.
    Knowing that there is something larger than ourselves and acting upon it allows for both finanial and inner growth.

  50. I think the most important thing we can take away from this episode is to cultivate an “attitude of gratitude” for the things that we do have-food, clothing, a home, family and friends. There is a tendency to want more and more and more material things. However, once bought, those things lie around as a surplus, unused. This Christmas, instead of buying more “things”, I gathered up my unused surplus and gave the items away.


  52. A lot of the comments I agree with.
    As far as recession goes, it’s all in the believers mind. If they want to believe there is a recession, then there will be a recession for them. The company I work for has more work than we can handle at the moment, so for us there is not a recession and our jobs are secure. I’m thankful that I have a postive attitude towards most things in my life, otherwise I might join the party.

  53. I can really appreciate the positive attitude approach here. I was born a happy person and everyday I make the choice to see the glass as half full. I take lemons and turn them into lemonade. But that’s just me. The state of the country or the world has not really affected me because I have never spent money on things… I work and I have a P.T. domestic service business. I purchase what I need for myself and for my family. We are not a “We have to have designer wear or the latest gadgets on the market” family. A roof overhead, clean clothes, food, and a few other basics including health and strength and we are ok. Buying stuff just because it’s on sale is not a wise use of funds in my opinion. We are in this situation because of frivolous spending on far too many levels. I want to see a stimulus package that puts real money ($80,000 to $100.000) for troubled homeowners with a guarantee they won’t loose the home. Give $50,000 to $79,000 to renters to purchase homes. Putting a piece of that 700 billion into the pockets of hard working taxpayers who deserve a bailout will jumpstart the economy in a massive way. More home purchases, automobile sales, more college enrollments, new businesses startups, investing, and self paid health insurance. Not bailing out greedy big business managers who in a few months would be back in the same boat because they can’t see past their nest big dollar toys. But that’s just my opinion. Continue to push positive thinking and candy cane wishes and we believe that our country’s financial system is not screwed up and we will wake up tomorrow and find our country back the way it was in the good ole days, right. Wrong! We need real solutions to real problems.

  54. There is opportunity in this state of the economy. I believe one must accept the good and the bad of it. Then let go of the negative aspects of it and see only the positive aspects of it. If one is going to think, why think the negative ? It takes just as much mental energy to do so ! Thus the positives are low prices, opportunities to start a home business with a low investment etc. Be creative ! I would do some introspection and you will see ways out of any negative situation that may be blocking progress in life. Thank you. Oh & be Thankful but strive for the best !

  55. I am in the Wine delivery business currently and if there is a “recession”, then a whole bunch of people are drinking the money they should be saving. I am a hard worker on a resort island and this is our “dead” time of the year and still I am working the same hours as in the summer. Recession in some areas maybe but I don’t see it.

  56. Yes I think a lot of this stuff is fed to us by the media.
    We need to reject it out of our minds and look up to God
    and believe Him and have faith and trust Him that He will
    bless us and prosper us in this time so we may bless and
    reach out to others who are in neeed.

  57. The so called recession is just a cycle of events as has hapened in the past and will again in the future. Like all events it has it positive and minus depending on ones point of view.
    I like your point of view!!

  58. Scott Bland I highly commend you for taking your Godly stand and stating what the Bible says about the whole situation..I too share your views. Only God is the one who we can depend on. No man can make anything better. We exercise faith and optimism instead of gloomy recession and pessimism.

  59. Hi Antonio,

    Precisely what I have been hinking. Downtime, Meltdown etc. is there in the mind and companies are no exception to this rule. Because everyone believes there is downtime they use it as an excuse to stop making efforts. Ergo, they discover Downtime and start throwing people out of their jobs. Actually this is the best time to think differently and to prepare for the uptime. A time for consolidation and recharging your batteries.

    Regardless of the $10 or not, I am glad for your post.

  60. Im thinking os using the so called recession for good, Ive always wanted my own business, so what better time than now? Its all about timing.

  61. I agree with Dawn that opportunity is everywhere.We can not afford to give up. When the going gets TUFF the TUFF gets going!
    If you or anyone you know want to find out how you can keep a SMILE on your FACE durning these times.Listen to 1-712-432-1630, pin 408736#( nightly) at 7, 8, 9 & 10 (central).Now sign up at or My number is 334.354-9969. SMILE and Never Give Up! May God continue to Bless You!

  62. Very good point Antonio. It is interesting that I am starting to get more calls for my service and more customers than I have in the past. I don’t buy into the recession and it is working out for me very well. Let the money keep coming in.

  63. …A ‘ recession ‘ is when your neighbor is laid off,
    a ‘ depression ‘ is when you are.
    No matter the economy, the weather, the govt., SOMEONE is always looking for someone to WORK for them.
    Your job is to find that person, if you’re looking for a job.
    If you’re looking for ‘ profits ‘ ?…
    You must be selling something, someone WANTS.

  64. I believe fear is behind recessions and depressions. When people are fearful they begin to focus on what they don’t have instead of what they do have. When one focuses on the glass being half empty it seems to keep diminishing and getting more and more empty. When one focuses on the glass being half full it seems to increase and become more and more full.

  65. I tried to read many of the post to see the general consensus of the people here. I have learned that good leaders listen more than they talk and I think I AM a great leader. My two dollars (because my words are worth more than two cents)…

    Recession is a state of mind, but not in the way most people think. Most here are saying that it is an individual concept that affects each one based on our beliefs. This is partly true. But there are millions of people that live in a Pavlov’s dogs lifestyle. They see people running and they run, then ask why they are running. Because momentum is built into the recession, many people are taking steps to prepare for far worst times, which is causing the things to get worse. And it will continue to spiral downward until we as a people start just doing things differently. A friend of mine once asked why do we have to fall in order to come up. I said you dont. But what happens is something bad is perceived and while you focus on that, something else bad is perceived and this continues until you focus your perception on something good. We have to take the attitude of no matter what. What were you going to do before you heard about a recession? Where were you going? This recession could be a moment of balancing for the economy. It could be a turning point for many. Some people that didnt have the money to do many things, will now be able to afford to do them (buy that nicer car, house, vacation, etc). This could be a moment of great transfer of riches.

    Be happy and be whole. Thanks Antonio…always thought provoking content. The first step to change is change the way you think. If you are here then you are a pioneer of this movement.

  66. I completely agree with this perspective. The world has started to grow into an era of self-awareness and with that, people are coming to understand the connection they have to the Universe, God, Nature or whatever that person chooses to associate more comfortably with, more and more. I believe that the fear a part of this population may have about a recession can be a perfect opportunity to truly feel this connection. You can either join the scary, doom and gloom as our host of this website says, or you can choose to be connected and feel the power of this opportunity. Although there are people who are afraid, who think there is no way, no chance of being wealthy and happy in a time like this, you can choose to try to feel the opposite. Focus on how this benefits you, ” Lower prices are amazing! A sale everywhere you look!! It’s like boxing day everyday!! A dream!! Gas cheaper! Yes, I’ve wanted that ever since the prices got jacked up high!” You choosing to be connected to God, the Universe and truly be loving of yourself therefore, living the experiences and the quality you love, means you see the truth. Maybe you feeling and experiencing the amazing quality of your life will inspire others to do the same, maybe this energy will heal the fear others may feel in their hearts. Read everything you can about the law of attraction, learn the truth we are all entitled to know and believe. The lie that a large portion of humanity has come to believe is that we cannot control our life, we can only bare through it and hope for a great pay day once those pearly gates open for us, at the end of our lives. The truth is; those pearly gates are open to us today, now. We are meant to be advancing our soul’s development, our spirit’s development. How can one do that if one feels isolated, alone, disappointed, afraid and hopeless? Embrace your true nature; be happy, be creative, be loving, be prosperous, be generous etc… If you have been too heavily burried by false truths that others call ‘reality’, then learn to trust your feelings. That is the best guidance system to follow! If God is truly a loving Entity, then why must we perish? What will we have to gain? You gain so much more when in a place of love. Be your true self and do what feels good through your Spirit, not your ego. The ego is a social mask we learned to use to protect ourselves. Reprogram yourself to be the one in control. Reprogram yourself according to what you want your life to be about. This day, today; what do you want?
    The recession is for those who have turned their backs on their Spirit and choose to listen to their egos or the egos of others. Listen to your hearts, feel the guidance that God, the Angels, your Spirit Guides give you every day. Everything you need is all around you. It is already created. Energy cannot be destroyed or created, right? So, in essence, what you want already exists, it may just be in another shape for the moment. You must think of what you want, feed the life into that chunk of clay with your thoughts, your imagination and automatically something will be created. It is your choice to make something wonderful, a triumphant masterpiece that betters your life, that betters your Spirit, or to make something that hinders your happiness and only disconnects you from your true Self, the healthy, loving, happy being you are meant to be. You are forever connected to the Universe, to God, to Nature. You are these things, you are part of these things. It is only when you murk up the channel connecting you to the Source with negative, self destructive thoughts that you are in that feeling of fear, anger and isolation. It is because you have cut your connection. Get yourself back on course to your true nature and everything will be what is best for your Being. Embrace this gift. Be grateful to God, to the Source, to Life for giving you this. For bringing this knowledge to your presence so that you can have the tools you need to make what you wish.

    Wealth, happiness and love to all of you

  67. Recession is a state of mind. There is money out there. No one may be willing to spend it all on trinkets and geehaws. At some point we learn that we don’t need a lot of stuff to make us happy.

  68. The article was interesting, the comments even more so. Good thing I don’t like parties to begin with:)

    Except maybe for a birthday party. Hey everyone have a great New Year!

  69. I will not be attending the party either! I am so grateful for all the wonderful things in my life… wonderful husband, awesome children, a roof over our heads, great health, and the best friends in the world!!

    I remember back in the 80’s when there was a “so-called” recession, I was selling real estate and was extremely successful! Never even thought we were in a recession!!

    And now, I choose to build financial security for my family by working a few internet businesses! Where else can you go to find a way where the sky is the limit on what you can earn! The only limits are what people put on themselves!! No matter what business you work…if you work it (and I mean really work it!) it will work for you and you will reap financial rewards beyond your wildest dreams!!

    Debbie 🙂

  70. HI there, You are right as you said there is nothing as so called recission. i don’t see any thing so called recision. And you are right it is a state of mind. If you want something you never had , then do something you never did. There are lot of opportunities still available. Go get it !

  71. Yeah I agree with the basic idea.

    The media in particular are in a negative “feeding frenzy”. I have been turning the “news” off lately. It is up to each of us to select what we dwell on.

    My decision about the coming year is that it is going to be my best ever.

    All The Best

  72. This is so true. I am focusing on the good and good is coming back to me. What many people do not understand is that this is the best opportunity to prosper now.

  73. the mind is the trick, it is all that happens to you. i tried to think positive all the time, sometimes it works but frankly speaking when it comes to money for me it never works. good luck and happy new year to all of you seeing this site…may 2009 be better than 2008…

  74. Dear Antonio, thanks for this post! Although I have read a lot about the Law of Attraction, I always need somebody to remind me the principle 🙂
    My comment is my story: Recently, I lost my dream job. It was quite a shock. However, I realized that I can find many positives on the whole thing. First of all, I realized that I would never be able to leave the job myself and grow and learn more. Secondly, this really made me think about the purpose of my life and myself. So many doors have opened to me. And I keep looking for others and others. It is actually fun and a good brainstorming: discovering a new world – the world of hidden possibilities! And there are many other positives!
    Of course, it was not that easy to look at the situation positively from the very beginning. But as I have been practising this positive viewpoint, it became easier and easier 🙂 Nowadays, I can find positives on each situation in a second 🙂
    And if I am able to think positively about loosing my dream job (!), everybody can do this too!

  75. the article was very refreshing for me. I have been changing my mindset for a while even though circumstances happens I must adjust and keep myself looking forward pass what the world is saying. i will accomplish my dreams,goals and financial success regardless what the ecomony is saying. i choose not to participate.

  76. I am going to a party and I am bringing my positive attitude. It’s the gift I am giving myself. It costs nothing; however, the only way you can keep it is to give it first position through usage in the
    habits which control your daily living.

  77. When I first saw emails with subject lines referring to the “recession”, I thought, what recession? Satan will attack you any chance he has, whether it is through your wallet or your health.

    If he can get you to believe in a recession, then you can’t give money to the church.

    The law of attraction, to me, is a eupheism for faith. Put your faith in God. Jesus said “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”

  78. I believe that we should all accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, that has been my motto for many years. I choose to see the positive in everything and try to ignore the negative. It is true that what goes around comes around, so why not give positive a real chance.

  79. I love it. I was in difficult financial staits for many years, but I chose to look at it as a means of getting everything I want for very little money. Now that the universe is opening up, I almost don’t know how to handle it. However, I realize there are so many more things I can accomplish with my new attitude, which is there really is no recession. The recession is only a manifestation is some people’s minds.

  80. Wow…. the posts on here are awesome!!!! I fully agree with Ann, what actually attracted me to the LOA is the fact that whether we like it or not, the principles are all based on the greatest book ever, the Bible. There’s nothing like faith to make you a winner, a conquerer, a go-getter, etc…. I’ve lived on faith for the past 15 years and YES there have been times when things have been tough, but with faith you learn to overcome! That’s what LOA is!

    So go out there and practice!

    That’s the only party I’m attending.

    God Bless you all….

  81. i tried to think positive. i even try to read sensible topics where thinking positive is good. in my world however its kind of hard as a lot of bad things are around us everytime, people die and i start thinking of my life and the life of my loved once. think positive that is the key – if you say i will fall, i will fall it obviously that you will fall so everyday we must think of the good things, or at least try and see it everywhere and everytime, life would be much pleasant to live in … regards,

  82. the law of attraction. i have seen this film more than once, however how to implement this law of attraction is never thought on the film, you have to learn it yourself. 2008 is coming to an end and hopefully we start a new year. good luck to all for 2009

  83. i too wish to decline this party invitation. i do not want to hear about the recession. we hear of it all the time. at the moment every place on earth is passing through the recession!!! i think its just an excuse for all the desolation in the world.
    think positive; think that you can change the world and start by changing your world…good luck and all the best for new year…

  84. i wish to think positive this coming year. i wish to try and change and be better this year. i do not only wish but i want to change and make this 2009 an unforgetable one…

  85. Many people have observed that we can’t control the cards life gives us, but we can choose how to play the hand we’re dealt. I always admire people who can take a lousy “hand” and turn it into something memorable. My hat’s off to them.

  86. I find often times that my mindset can completely change the situation I’m in. A lot of the things that happened to me in life that at the time seemed like the horrible I can now look back and see them as blessing not because it was easy but because my mind set has change and so has my reality!

  87. To Mary Cassar,

    I had informed myself alot about the law of attraction and I have tried while reading this material to attract alot of money to myself. Well, with every attempt came a failure because I wasn’t doing it with my full being. I was doing it intellectually, following the steps; decide what you want, believe you will have it and visualize and then be grateful and you will recieve; but still I wasn’t recieving the amount. The important thing to focus on here is that you must feel this through your heart, spirit, soul and mind to recieve it. Belief is like a glowing light that shines through you. You must have all your channels open to what you want and accept it before you recieve it. I found out that once I truly found my own personal way to connect to the Universe and the Divinities by increasing my faith, everything became like magic. I received a book about daily guidance from our angels from my best friend for christmas and I am telling you, it is a world of difference, how I feel about everything, including money. I found a way to connect myself to the reality of the Law of Attraction. My faith in Angels and Spirit Guides has always been very deep within me since a child, so this was the connection I needed to allow the Law of Attraction to work with what I want. I became open for what I want to happen because it is what feels natural to me, I understand it now because my faith pieced it all together. My ego plays no more doubts and limits when it comes to what I want. It was a relief for me to just allow my wish to be fulfilled because I know that they are there helping me. You have to find your personal way for this to feel comfortable and natural. Do not give up on yourself, you will attract the money you want and you will find a way for this to feel comfortable and right. I am sending you great vibes of creativity and love and confidence. Love yourself like God loves you, see yourself the way he/she does. This incredible source, this incredible Divinity is within you. You are always part of it.
    God Bless you and I know this is goign to work for you 🙂
    Have fun with your new gift !! 🙂

  88. I have been studying LOA for a little over a year with some success. I continue to seek the knowledge that will help me conquor this disipline and turn my life into a life of abundance.

  89. Hi I am totally also declining the invitation to join the doom and gloom of the recession party, invitations are churned out over and over on the so called news on a daily basis. I switch off and concentrate on connecting to what is positive and life enhancing as opposed to listening to what will not enhance my life. I have recently been told I have a brain tumour which can be operated on but until then I will live my life positively and concentrate and empower good and not dwell on the negative and let this take over my life. Life is for living pass on the Law of Attraction encourage others to purchase read and embrace it you never know that could be the lifeline they are waiting for. Happy New Year one and all. Here’s to a great prosperous 2009.

  90. Thinking positive is the start of attracting what you want. But visualizing it is the fuel behind the thought that propels it into manifestation. You must do this everyday continuously without fail, no matter what happens to you that might detour you from reaching your goal. There are 11 laws besides the law of attraction in the universe that are guidelines for us to follow so we can create the life we desire. Believe in them, follow them and watch your life change like never before!

  91. I decline to participate in the idea of a recession as well. We are in the after effects of a bubble bursting and spilling out all kinds of opportunites for Americans to take advantage of. Put down the newspapers, shut off the tv’s and let us all live our lives to the BEST of our abilty.

  92. Positive Thinking helps a person to overcome all the gloomy news that we hear all around us, especially the media. We must surround ourselves with positive people. I would suggest going to a church of your choice especially on the 31st December before the last few hours into the new year.(New Year’s Eve or Old Year’s Night) At our church we focus on the past year and concentrate on our blesssings, etc. and trust God to take us through the new year with new blessings in every area of our lives. Trusting depends on positive thinking. Thanks antonio for reminding us to get into the spitit of positive thinking.

  93. Until two months ago I was amazed that gas prices were going down – “now it will be easier to get to work and save some change for groceries” – I said to myself. Then, the people I work for decided that they didn’t have any more work for me – they were afraid to let go of any more money, I guess…

    Now, I’m overdrawn and still 30k in debt. That perception is very real as I haven’t found any other work since!!

    It’s very difficult to think abundance when I want to pay my bills and can’t – unless I walk into the woods in the back yard and watch nature just keep on doing its thing…

    Hmmm – will I get into trouble if I find a comfortable place under a bridge somewhere?

    Whatever I think about, I’m not giving up…

  94. I really like the Law of Attraction and positive thinking. It makes you feel so much better when you think positive thoughts in comparison to negative ones.

  95. To those who posted being new at learning the teachings of the law of attaction: Keep at it! You are litterally sitting on a gold mine!!
    I started studying the law of attraction about a year and a half ago and I have gained so much for leading a positive, healthy and happy life. The catalyst point for me was when I decided to be happy regardless of any situation I may be in. My feelings are totally up to me. My feelings are the direct consequence of my thoughts. When I started realizing this power I had and applying it to my best interest, the law of attraction worked for me in more areas than before. When first being a student of the law of attraction, I realized how many emotional blocks I had in my life and worked lovingly to terminate them permanently. I was finding the perfect parking spaces, heard from friends when I would think about them, stuff like that. But when I decided to be happy now, instead of waiting for wonderful things to happen that would change my situation so I can be happy, wow! That made a huge difference! I had decided to be happy now, no matter what and it worked. I was surprised at how amazing it felt to just be happy and be satisfied of it. To not need to worry or doubt cause I was happy so whatever, everything else is just background. THen, results I wanted in my life just sky rocketed on a daily basis! and for every situation that I was like wow! This is so awesome; 3 more “magical” situations sprung from that and from those and from those! This one time, I was in a another country with some friends and we were supposed to stay at this hotel we booked online but when we got there, we were totally disgusted by how gross it was and our room wasn’t ready yet. We took advantage of this and we went to the big store next door to think about what we should do. I privately thought, we are going to sleep in a nice hotel and it will be clean, warm and free!! I saw us in a free hotel, all excited and in the pool and watching the beach from the patio. I started to wander around and found something to buy so when my friends and I went to the cash register, we found ourselves actually at the concierge desk of this store, which also has a hotel to it (it was a really big store and there are quite a few across the continent). Well, this person started talking to us and my friend told him about our maybe hotel for the night, and then he offered us a free hotel night to a hotel!! We only had to attend a 20 min presentation but weren’t obliged to do or buy anything. It worked out perfectly! Our hotel was warm, clean, had a warm huge pool and was right on the beach! Perfect :)! It was like magic! I was speechless for 30 seconds! I didn’t even know that this kinda thing existed!! It was safe, legal, legit and we were totally happy to have a warm and clean place to stay for free! (This hotel would have usually cost 150$ a night). Another time, I thought of recieving 1000$, pictured it and litterally 2 minutes later checked the mail and recieved a 1000$ check!!. Other stuff are catching a movie on time when spontaneously showing up, having won 20 to 50$ in the lottery, having a free ride when I needed to go somewhere (someone would just show up at home, when I decided to go somewhere, a car was magically available for me), buying what are usually expensive items and then when going to the cash being told they are on sale!, I could go on and on. It totally works everytime!! Once you’re in your creative realm, I’m telling you, it’s amazing!! I’m now in an excellent energy place and I’m attracting even more amazing things! I am incredibly grateful!
    Everyone can do this for themselves!! So for those of you who are like, I believe in this but…; this works. This totally and always works. It is the host of this law that chooses in which direction to sway this omnipresent power. It’s all within you. We are all made of the same matter; we are all capable. There is one Donald Trump, one Walt Disney, one Oprah Winfrey but we all have the capability of the greatness they possess and we all have the natural birthright to achieve our personal version of this greatness!

  96. Interesting post in that I hadn’t really thought about the fact that I wasn’t participating in the recession either. As much as you hear on the news about the recession, it’s hard to not get dragged in. LSS, my car nearly died, I took it to the shop, they wanted $6000 to fix it, so I bought a new car. There is no way I would have even considered I’d buy a new car the day before the issues happened, but I did what I had to do & had just done the same with my wife’s car last year. I’m not in any better shape than anyone else except I work for a company growing by double digits for all of the past decade, but the idea is you do what you have to & be grateful that you could. Of course it initially took a little sacrifice & self-restraint to be in this position, but we all need to tune our minds to what good came come out of any apparently negative situation. The economy always goes up & down and I think if we can all understand that nothing lasts forever, we might be a little better prepared to deal with adversity. We have to look at things in degrees. I had already used the remainder of my savings earlier this month to pay my property taxes, but you may want to ask yourself – am I going to be ticked off that I now have no savings or am I going to be grateful that I had the money to pay the taxes on time… it really depends on what you choose to dwell upon.

  97. I refuse to join the party. I just got laid off 3 weeks ago, and I’m trying to look at it as an opportunity to move ahead and make something positive out of it.

  98. You are so right. I don’t need to fill my head with thoughts of lack. That doesn’t serve anyone. My economy is BOOMING!! And I am helping others to realize their wealth potential. It doesn’t get much better than that. Everybody wins!

  99. I think I’d go – and take half of the comments you have so far. With my outlook, it would be just one laugh after another – I’d be thrown out for a humorous “Recession Refusal” syndrome

  100. It’s all an opportunity, depending on how one looks at it. Everything tends to move in cycles. What goes up must eventually come down. Think about how much money people who buy undervalued stocks are going to have when they go up. (And they will go up eventually). One must always think in terms of how any given situation can become an opportunity.

  101. God’s economy is not dependent on the vagaries of oil prices, the value of the dollar or the Dow Jones Average. God’s
    economy is always positive. I am God’s beloved child. Therefore, I live in God’s world, in accordance with God’s laws, under God’s economic principles.

  102. I too am a positive thinker. I plug out of the near total negative media coverage. However I do not agree that it is just a state of mind. How could you sell that to the millions who may have been laid off, positive thinkers though they may be.

  103. I’m so glad I got the link, because what this trip to this page has done is worth so much more than $10. It reminded me of the way I should be thinking. It’s an ongoing process that you have to make a habit. I’ve began to fall back into that stinkin thinkin rut again. Thanks for all your great words everyone.

  104. oops, accidental click…

    What I was saying up there is that I grew up in East Europe in the crazy time.
    I was a BILLIONAIRE!!!
    Everyone was a Billionaire, since inflation was so strong, we had a biggest denomination printed on one peace of paper. 500 Billion Dinars.
    And you could probably buy a lunch for that money:-)

    I guess, that was 10$
    … now, Antonio, take me for a lunch!

  105. Well, this one is not accidental – this one is purposeful click – and the purpose is to be #120.

    Why me?
    Why not?
    Tomorrow, Dec 30th is my Birthday and I know that recession Is a state of mind and can be a state in the world.
    WE WILL survive it!

    …its not as bad as people think it is… its much worse:-)


  106. Perfect! I’ve been trying to tell the people I work with that it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. I’ve been trying to get them, and my wife, and my kids, and my in-laws to see that THEY are responsible for choosing to be in a recession or not. For the most part, all I got was a bunch of headache for being a “silver lining guy”. But, I’m still in a good job, gaining momentum in my own business, getting more offers for studio work as a guitar player, enjoying a brand new hobby (astronomy), found 3 classic books I’ve been looking for for 33 cents apiece at a Goodwill, and found a college kid to come over and help with the housework for next to nothing, freeing me up to enjoy what I enjoy and attract more of it to me. Thanks for putting it so well Antonio.

  107. Recession…I hear about it so much it is drives me nuts. I don’t watch the news, but friends, co-workers, family, even strangers are talking about it. I do everything to not think about it. I know life is wonderful and all good things come to those who believe. I was recently laid off and some will say that it was due to this so call recession but to be honest I secretly didn’t like my job and actually hated going to work, so I knew it was my thinking that cause it, not the recession. So after meditating and brainstorming, I came up with a wonderful idea that will create a stream of wealth that no recession or depression can touch. So thank you recession. “Out of Great Adversity, comes Greatness” Me

  108. Wow, what a great concept. I was just telling my dad the other night that if the media would quit making things seem so negative, that maybe we wouldn’t be in a recession. It is along the same lines. You perceive things are you see them around you and people are panicking. It’s up to you to keep going and not let it effect you negatively.

  109. One must always think in terms of how any given situation can become an opportunity.
    A lot of people will let this slip from their hands due to fear. People generally have a problem with the unknown.

  110. RSVP No Thank You to obstacles. Send out I decline notices to mental sabotage. Post Not available to people and situations that drain your creative energy. Ignore the barrage of negative news that cast gloom.

    Instead, pay attention to your inner voice. Listen deeply to the promptings of your soul. Give freely when others need support. Fast and cleanse your body of toxins so that you are prepared to awaken your success genius which you already have inside.

  111. Let me add another action step:

    Create yourself and your new reality.
    Begin by writing down, freeform, what you really want. Let me emphasize the word “really”. Keep writing until you isolate a singular focus that will propel your passion and growth in 2009

  112. After writing your what I “really” want statement, take time to ponder it. Ingest it. Internalize it. Inculcate it!

    Then, rephrase what you “really” want into a personal promise that you will keep. Then everyday, work diligently with myopic focus on your “real” promise and activate the achievement thereof.

  113. What a great idea for us to get emotionally behind what we want! That is what we’re suppose to do. I am looking forward to this next year….the BEST year of my life. I am continually thankful for what is in my life while contunally visualizing what I want in my life. When I get up in the morning, I visualize I’m in my new home, in my new bedroom, new closet, new kitchen, etc. I vizualize I’m driving my new car all the while loving the car I’m in.

    I just know I need to stay connected to like minded individuals so I don’t slip back into my old ways.

    Thanks Antonio and here’s to the best year of your/my life!!!

  114. Recession is the state of affairs for an individual at a given time and it does not necessarily depend on the economy. The untimely death of my husband instantly changed the standard of my living.
    To quote Mr. Guy Finley: Perhaps the true heights are best measured not by where one has once stood, but what rises in one’s heart even as it falls to the ground. Look at what one reaches for in his darkest hour, and you gaze upon his God.
    Thank you, for the opportunity to comment.

  115. Alicia wrote “I really like the Law of Attraction and positive thinking. It makes you feel so much better when you think positive thoughts in comparison to negative ones.”
    And thats the whole point – just to feel better in the moment. It’s not about all those things you want to manifest – its just about feeling good for the sake of feeling good.

  116. My husband and I made a Vow for 2009, we are not doing resolutions or promises because they can be easily broken so we chose to make a vow and my husband said it best “Not let the government and this so-called recession give me the excuse to live average and ordinary” Some of the wealthiest and most successful men in the world happened during a depression. (i.e. Thomas Watson Founder of IBM)

  117. I’m no expert on the economy by no means so I’m not sure just what all is involved when a recession occurs but I feel that when the government and media tells the public “we are heading in a recession” that becomes the reality because people go into fear that there is not enough and stop spending money.

    So I assume that as a result of less spending by the public there is less money in “the system” for companies to operate (i.e. create goods, pay the bills, pay employees) so people start loosing jobs. Now there are even less people spending money overall creating more “recession”. It’s like a spiraling rabbit hole…where will it take us?

    So for me I choose not to believe in “recession” because there is never a shortage in the Universe of anything. It is forever creating and expanding itself. Just ask the physicist. 🙂

    I spend my money with the intent that when I do it will help or bless someone else because it will help generate revenue for a company to create more products, pay their bills, and PAY EMPLOYEES.

    Now someone else can feed their family or themselves because money is flowing.

    I choose to believe there is Abundance if we allow it and not lack.

    We are all in this thing together. We get to choose…recession or no recession.

    Be blessed.

  118. What is important in my opinion is the concept of “choice”. All of these things about recession, depression, poor economy may be true but how we choose to let it affect us makes a difference in what we are able to attract. Get caught up in the gloom and doom of it all and that is what you will attract. CHOOSE to view this as the time just before your greatest good is delivered. And not just financially! Choose to feel positive in all aspects of your life! Manifest your own destiny in 2009!

  119. I have experienced the Law of Attraction in my life. The way how it worked for me is this; You have to believe without a doubt that something will change/happen for you. You have to disbelieve the naysayers around you. It takes determination in positive thinking to make it work. it also takes your whole being to get involved in the process.

  120. Hey Antonio,
    Recession? What recession? Amazon is selling (practically giving) away the top 50 album downloads of the year for 5 bucks. I got the new Metallica album for 5 bucks.

  121. Hello,

    I like this post! My thoughts exactly. It’s a recession, but really for big-businesses because they have to mark everything down, so now is the best time to buy stuff. I’m also loving how the gas prices are down. It took me less than $20 to fill up my Toyota!

    Thanks for a great topic!

  122. The absolute truth.

    Like quotes:

    Like attracts like.
    Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes.
    the subconscious identically creates.

    Thoughts are boomerangs,
    returning with precision to their source.
    Choose wisely which ones you throw.

  123. I recently began living my life with this philosophy and it has absolutely changed every aspect of it. It is amazing how what goes through your mind each day affects your destiny.

  124. This is so true on every level. I choose not to attend that party either. What a wonderful time to be alive. It is a historic time. A time to teach our children about the power within to do and be anything that they desire. To give and share knowledge and information with others. Thank you so very much for your wisdom and the desire to share it me. Happy New Year!!

  125. WOW, not only and intriguing topic; but a thought provoking one also. From day one, every since this so called “recession” started, I have just not been feeling it.
    In my business; I have a shopping service.
    I have been doing this for years. My objective has always been to put my desire out into the universe, and it just comes to me or I am drawn to it. Trust me, I am not taking the credit for that. I’m just “Blessed Like That”. Not to mention I believe highly in the Law of Attraction. For me, it’s like faith; it can’t be denied. In 2009, I’m gonna party like it’s 1999. 🙂

  126. I have experienced law of attraction in my life. I am where I always wanted to be. I strongly believe that things you desire come to you in any possible way.

  127. it looks interesting. However, as some said, recession is a state of mind. One has to know how to change current way of thinking to achieve a different way to see what happens around.

  128. What you think about, you bring about. You determent your feelings, your well being. If you think you are going to suffer with the rest, then you are going to suffer. But on the other hand, if you think you are going to prosper, you are going to prosper. This is the power of the mind. The law of attraction. It works!

  129. I agree that a recession is all in the mind. But IMO it’s part of our current national story. From my (liberal) POV it’s “we kicked out the drunken frat boys, and now the sane adults are taking over.” The “bad times” are about to give way to amazingly good times, and all the doom & gloom talk is our way of making the contrast that much greater.

  130. I agree with Starr #6 or #8. I have been unemployeed for almost 4 months. I have maxed out all my credit cards for food, gas and bills. Yesterday I had $2.50 in my pocket and seen a jar at the drug store about a baby needing heart surgery and I put all the money I had in that jar. Even though my house is getting reposesed and my car. And my husband is leaving me because I can’t find a job! But the baby needed it more than me.
    And I do think positive and follow the law of attraction. But it’s not helping!
    No I’m not going to the party I’m depressed enough.

  131. Sonya I saw your post and was moved to respond. At the beginning of 2008 I was let go by ATT. My house has been forclosed, I have had to hide my car from the repo man and all but two of my accounts have been charged off.

    I can truly empathize with your situation and wanted to share the following with you from a post I wrote awhile back.

    It is my prayer that through it all you will come to know yourself in greater ways.

    The Law of Attraction is a Law of Love


    Recently I’ve been spending lots of time on the internet sharing knowledge and inspiration with wonderful people all over the world. And I do mean it when I say they are WONDERFUL.

    As I’ve been reading various posts I’ve noticed that many people who are now consciously aware of the Law of Attraction are asking some very profound questions about how they can use it to create in their lives things like perfect health, more money and healthy and fulfilling love relationships.

    Since the LOA (Law of Attraction) has recently gained so much attention although it has been around just as long as gravity (well I assume it has, I wasn’t actually there when Spirit created it) I thought I’d share my insights on this magnificent tool by which we are able to create our todays and tomorrows.

    I have been consciously working with the LOA for about two years now and I must admit that I have learned allot about Spirit in the process. One of the greatest things I have discovered is that while on the surface the LOA is a tool I can use to create the “things” I want in my life it’s greatest gift to me is that it shows me my deepest most intimate thoughts and beliefs about myself and the world I am a part of.

    How…simply by doing what it was created to do. The LOA is a mirror which reflects back to us not just what we “say” we want but what we “believe” about what we say want.

    For example…if I say that I want to have perfect health in my body but I keep “getting” sick then I am being shown that somehow my beliefs about health are in contradiction to what I am saying.

    When the sickness shows up instead of feeling like the LOA did not work or working “harder” to create perfect health I now can choose to expand my awareness about perfect health and as I change what I believe about it the LOA shows me my progress by creating according to my belief.

    For me this understanding about the LOA has been a blessing in my life because it has caused me to appreciate it for what it truly is…a LAW OF LOVE.

    If we allow it , this law of the Universe can assist us in healing ourselves on the inside first because it knows that when our spirits are fully awake to the Truth of our Being then we will EFFORTLESSLY create in our lives all that we desire…in a moment in a twinkling of an eye.

    It is my sincerest hope that others will come to know this powerful truth and consciously choose to use the LOA for more than creating “stuff” and that you will engage it as a means to discover your True Self.

    Blessings to you, your partner on the path,

  132. I have just lost my job of ten years. I am in debt to the tune of about $50,000. My industry (discount merchandise for stores like Tuesday Morning, Big Lots etc) is hurting very badly. I have about two months worth of savings to survive on. What am I doing? Ignoring everything I hear or read and opening my own business in this exact same field. Everyone thinks I’m nuts except my wife but I am 100% convinced it is the right thinf for me. It is all a state of mind. This life is only going to be as good as you demand it to be and I plan on being a millionaie within the next 2 years.

    It is all an illusion people. Make yours what you want!

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