July 17

Are You A Pencil Pusher?

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When I was a kid, I had a really “far out” thought…

I figured that if your brain was made of energy…
and since your brain is connected to your skull, which is made of energy…
and your skull is connected to you scalp, which is made of energy…
and your scalp is connected to the air, which is made of energy…
and the air is connected to the pencil on the table, which is made of energy…

If all of this were true…then one should be able to move the pencil with their thoughts.

What a ‘wacky’ idea.

Or is it?

As a kid, this made total sense. But, as I’m sure you are aware, this was promptly shut down with ridiculous laughter and blank stares by friends, teachers, etc…

Now, knowing what I know as an adult, this actually makes more sense than not. Based on commonly known and widely accepted science, the theory of telekinesis makes absolute sense.

However, as with any phenomenon outside of the “norm” it is shunned at best, ridiculed and worst.

So you choose to believe that something is stupid or are not possible, then you have created the reality of such.

Imagine if that theory of mine was encouraged as a child… would I have the ability to move objects with my mind now?

Who knows?

Sometimes the ideas that seem ‘far out’ for most people actually make the most sense, logically.

Practical Application

Never shun your kids when they have ‘wacky ideas’… they could be the next Einstein.

Also, don’t limit yourself to the things that others think you should be able to do

“Are you a pencil pusher?”


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